EP. 109: Finding Strength To Take Back Your Story With Desiree Siegfried

Heartbreak. Humiliation. Hopelessness. 
Three simple words that are anything but simple.
In fact, they are so complicated that we never want to experience their tumultuous effects in our lives….and yet, without a doubt, we are all guaranteed to at some point in time. 
Perhaps you thought you had finally found ‘Mr. Right’. Maybe you expected to land that promotion that fell through. Or possibly, you believed that old wound, buried deep inside of you would never surface again – only to find yourself still burdened by the stronghold it has over your life.

There are SO many ways we can experience our lives not going according to plan!

Do you have something in this moment that you are facing that was not in your life script? (I know I do!)
If so, I have some good news for you today that I hope will encourage you to fight the good fight:
  • You CAN and WILL find the strength when life doesn’t go as planned. 
  • You CAN and WILL find the courage to take back YOUR story!
Just ask former Bachelorette, Desiree Siegfried! (I hope all of my friends who plan their weekly schedules around Monday nights are getting excited!) 
You see, when Desiree was offered the opportunity to star on The Bachelorette, she thought she was FINALLY getting the life she always longed for. But, the reality of her reality TV dreams gave way to anything but. 
Rather than her true love dreams coming true, her journey gave way to rough roads of unexpected twists, public scrutiny, and rejection. 
I’m not sure about you, but being subject to any one of those trials would be hard enough for me, nevertheless charting down such a dark road only to have it completely illuminated by the harsh, public spotlight! 
So! When I say that Desiree knows a thing or two about experiencing heartbreak, but still finding hope, I know what I’m talking about!
And THAT is why I am wildly excited to share my conversation with her today! (Quick side note- Desiree is seriously one of the sweetest people ever!)

Here’s the thing. 

The actual problem isn’t the challenge itself. The problem usually becomes how we deal with, internalize, and let our hardships affect us.

It is so easy to bury hurt without working through the pain. To accept others’ words about us as truth when they are anything but. To seek solace in familiar places instead of healthy ones. To shrink down instead of stand up. 
And in the short-term while we think we are making progress, what is actually happening? We are actually allowing ourselves to be defined by others and defined by our circumstances. All the while replacing our true identity with untrue labels and unwelcome strongholds. 
Friends! I have been there! If you have read “Dirt” you know!
Desiree has been there too! She gets it! 
And today she opens up about her experience and shares with us what to do if you wake up one day afraid that you’ve lost yourself, your identity, your voice. (Make sure to make note of this!)
Recognize the stronghold that is keeping you from your identity
Identify its roots (maybe it stems back to childhood)

Surrender it to God

After walking through such a hard season, Desiree says that if you put God first, if you seek who He created you to be (rather than believing the words of others), the more old labels fall off and your true identity in Christ is revealed! 
Your true identity in Christ doesn’t go anywhere!
There is so much practical wisdom in today’s episode where Desiree and I also chat about: 
  • Desiree’s story before life as a reality star
  • How old wounds from childhood left unaddressed can affect our decision-making as adults
  • What it truly looks like to put your identity in Christ while letting go of limiting beliefs and comfortable (yet, unhealthy) decision-making
  • Finding your grit and courage to keep going no matter what you are facing ways to while staying  true to yourself
  • Ways to put your hope in the identity of Christ, trusting that God loves you just as you are
(I wish you could see the HUGE smile on my face right now!)
If you are ready to pick up the pieces of your life, jumpstart your dreams, and begin living true to yourself, then you are going to LOVE my conversation with Desiree! I can’t wait to hear your favorite takeaway!

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