EP. 110: A Mother’s Guide To Raising Herself With Sarah Bragg

Let me ask you….do any of these phrases sound familiar?
  • Don’t be so hard on yourself!
  • You can do hard things!
  • You can be anything you want to be!
If you have children, these are likely some of the phrases that you use on repeat with them.
But… what are you saying on repeat to yourself?
Do you find that you talk to yourself in the same uplifting and encouraging manner as you do to others? 
Or, are these phrases more familiar: 
  • I’m the worst!
  • I can’t do anything right!
  • I should just give up!
Hmm…. quite a difference, right?! (See where I am going with this yet?)
I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again… 
Whether we realize it or not, every single one of us is walking around with the words someone else spoke over us tattooed on the sleeves where our hearts once lived…They tell us that our story will never be enough. That we will never be enough.

BUT! What happens when we realize it is not just someone else’s negative words that we are carrying around, but our very own. 

I want to ask you to do something. Take out a pen right now (or the Notes app on your phone) and write down the first three things that come to mind as you think about yourself. 
If any of those descriptions leave you feeling inadequate, overwhelmed, or guilty in trying to balance it all- then make sure to listen up because it’s time to make some changes!
Today’s guest, Sarah Bragg, of the popular “Surviving Sarah” podcast is here to save the day (or, at the very least, your sanity!). 
In fact, she doesn’t hold back AT ALL as she shares her realization that the things she wanted for her daughters (things like self-worth, body positivity, tenacity), she realized she did not yet possess herself. 
(How about you? Are you practicing what you preach?)

The beautiful part? This realization led her on a humbling yet eye opening journey to raising herself right alongside raising her girls! 

Sarah believes that one of the best things you can do for your children is to do the work on becoming your better self!

But how?? 
How can we instill the same positivity in ourselves as grown adults (with a lot of life experience that has beat us down) as we do in our children (who are still so fresh and innocent)?
It just takes 3 steps, friends!
1. Get curious – What do you think is true about others, but not about yourself? Take time to really be introspective. Write down your thoughts. Journal so that you are not bottling it all up inside.
2. Name it – Once you begin to really understand how you view yourself, ask the hard questions. Why do I feel this way? Why do I believe this to be true? Is it true? Name the root cause.
3. Replace it – Once you have identified what it is that you think about yourself and why you believe it to be true, replace the negative with something positive! For instance, the next time that you burn dinner, or don’t sign up to be room mom instead of telling yourself “I’m the worst” try saying “I’m doing my best and that is enough! I need to be kind to myself.”

Here’s the thing: We are all human. We all make mistakes. But, we don’t have to beat ourselves up over them!

(Friends! There is SO much freedom in that!)
Oh! Today’s episode with Sarah is jammed-pack with SO many other tangible tips to finding that freedom you deserve WHILE giving yourself permission to show up just as you, as we also chat about:
  • What it means to be a recovering perfectionist as it relates to motherhood
  • The concept of fitting in versus actually belonging
  • The tension between relief of letting go of a goal that no longer serves you and the grief that comes along with it
  • The importance of ‘presence’ in the lives of those around you
  • The power of replacing “Mom culture” thinking with the “3rd place is enough” mentality
Yes. Yes. Yes. And, yes!
So! If you are ready to find solidarity, understanding, and helpful encouragement to embrace all that motherhood is and remember who you truly are, then you are going to get SO much out of today’s powerful and insightful episode! 
I can’t wait for you to walk away with your head held high as you begin to embrace a greater sense of self-worth!
I believe in you! Now go believe in yourself!

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