EP. 091: Simple & Free: 7 Ways to Pursue Less Over More With Jen Hatmaker

Tell me. 
What would you do if you actually hit the megamillion jackpot?
What is the absolute first thing that comes to mind?
….buy a bigger house? Fill a closet with designer clothes? Take a dream vacation? Buy a fancy car?

Dare you say that it could make your life ‘better’, maybe even ‘easier’??

(Spoiler Alert!) While I don’t have any winning tickets to pass around today (don’t worry, this is not another round of that crazy McDonalds Monopoly madness), I do have something important to ask you. Something that I truly believe could be even more life changing, more achievable, more sustainable.
WHAT IF we changed the question we are inherently asking ourselves here from what could we do with more  to … what could we do with less
(Think I’ve lost my mind? Don’t write me off just yet!)
I’m pretty sure we can all agree that we are living day in and day out in a culture that suggests to us that more is more is more. BUT, really think what it would look like if you decided to live with less….
  • less stress
  • less waste
  • less spending
  • less stuff
What it would feel like to make room for more that matters…
  • more joy
  • more connection
  • more generosity
  • more freedom
Is your mind blown yet?! I know mine was after I talked with best-selling author + podcast host, Jen Hatmaker today!
You see, over 10 years Jen did an experiment. She identified seven areas of excess in her life—food, clothes, spending, media, possessions, waste, and stress—and asked herself what it would look like if she only had seven simple choices in each of these areas. 
After a decade, her findings have proved to stand the test of time AND she has learned even more in recent years that she wants to share with YOU! Pretty impressive, huh? 
I’m sure you are wondering but, how? Well… I’m so glad you asked! 
The answer: interfasting.
Yes, friends. Interfasting is actually a physical mechanism that will bridge the gap between where you are today and where you want to be. It is taking a step back, slowing down, and taking a real look at what you are assigning value to in your life and where some reassigning may be necessary. 
Want to take the first step? Here is your challenge today– look at your life. Use Jen’s 7 categories to make it easy! And ask yourself these three questions:
Where are you storing up too many treasures on this earth instead of Heaven?
What is causing an unhealthy change of attitude, personality, or focus when it becomes threatened?
What is the thing, outside of God, that you put everything else on hold for?
Hard Hitting – I know. 

Trust me. We both get it- MORE is TEMPTING.

But, Jen’s process of fighting back against excess is not a list of rules, it’s not meant to make you feel guilty, and  it’s not about denying yourself — it’s about freeing yourself! 
Freeing yourself from overwhelm. From debt. From clutter.
But seriously. Really take some time to answer those questions with an honest evaluation. And then, make sure you listen to our full conversation where we also cover: 
  • This counterintuitive idea of pursuing more when we would actually be happier with less
  • Dive into the abundant life that can be found when we trade in excess for a truly reduced way of living
  • Ways to identify the areas where you may have accidentally substituted the “american dream” for God’s Kingdom
  • How to discover what you actually want to pursue more of and how to rid your life of the excess waste and stress
So. Much. Goodness!! It is SUCH a good conversation today! 
So…are you ready to trade in overindulgence for simplicity and generosity? Are you ready to lead a radically better life of connection and abundance?
Me too, friend! Let’s do it together! 
Prefer to watch the episode instead? Click below to watch it on Youtube with some exclusive BONUS content! 

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