EP. 090: How to live BOLD with Grit, Gumption & Grace with Emily Ley

Spouse. Parent. Entrepreneur. Friend. Coworker. 
How many hats are you wearing on any day of the week?
It can cause a bit of whiplash, don’t ya think?!
For me, my hats rotate between wife, daughter, author, podcaster, coach, friend, dog mom… just to name a handful!
It can feel like a huge, rotating door at the front of a chaotic, noisy, and sometimes beautiful hotel. Always moving. Always welcoming in more and more. For better AND worse.
It’s so easy to get lost in all of these hats (especially when these hats start to feel more like 50 pound boulders).
It makes you stop and think – what parts of life am I actually choosing – and enjoying – any more? When did I stop choosing and start only responding and reacting to daily responsibilities?

Do you ever stop and wonder – when did I say YES to any of this?!

Why is this anyway?
Maybe it’s because it’s easier to live a reactive life than make choices that are going to push us? Maybe it’s hard to believe that we are worth it? Maybe we don’t think we have the resources to live the lives we dream of?
Can you think of anything that rings particularly true for YOU personally?
Here is the truth friends…we only get one shot at life! Just one!
We can let life happen to us, get lost in all we have to be – and, most likely live with regrets at the end of the day.
OR we can focus on all that we already are and intentionally tackle life boldly!
I’m preaching to myself here, too. Trust me. But when I was able to break it down to this level of simplicity, the choice became much more clear and easy.

I chose the former. And I am committed to now choosing the latter.

What about you? What are you going to choose today? 
If you’re ready to get back to the basics with me, I’m going to give us a place to begin, right here. Right now. Step 1?
Press pause + strip back the layers.
I don’t blame you if you are asking is it really THAT simple?! BUT, before you go rolling your eyes, the answer is YES! And, here’s why!
Pressing pause allows you the space to see what matters, and forget the rest. So what do you need to do today to forget your “rest”? Reevaluate your commitments? Not be afraid to ask for help? Carve out uninterrupted time just for you?
I had a conversation with an all-time favorite guest (seriously! her first episode with us was our all time most downloaded episode ever!) and best-selling author – Emily Ley – as she broke this process down for me. Emily has skillfully mastered creating a life that she loves. Even in a full and busy schedule of running her business she built from nothing, she remains intentional with her choices, joy, and life decisions.
Emily explains that there’s an aspect of growing boldly that requires us to press pause and strip back some layers so that we can get to know who we are in our heart of hearts again.
So that we can clear the clutter and cultivate clarity!
Can I get an AMEN?!

SO much goodness comes when we allow ourselves to do that!

When we actually allow ourselves the time to envision the life we want!

We dive into all of the juicy how-to details and practical tips in today’s episode where we also cover:
  • The roles that gumption, grace, and hard-won confidence play to become fully alive again
  • The idea of tenacity and how to press forward with momentum when things get hard
  • How to equip yourself to move past the lies and fears holding you back
  • Emily’s actionable BUILD method to achieving the life you want to live
  • 3 language swaps you can start applying in your life TODAY
I could talk with Emily for hours!
SO! If you are ready to create a lasting legacy and do the hard work without forgetting to feed your soul, make sure to tune in to today’s awesome episode!
Prefer to watch the episode instead? Click below to watch it on Youtube with some exclusive BONUS content! 

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