EP. 089: The Surprising Reason Why Positive People Have All The Energy

Is it just me, or do you feel like walking through the last 12 months has left you feeling completely depleted of ENERGY?!
It’s like I’m walking around with my tank on the proverbial E- for EXHAUSTED! 
Between navigating Covid, podcasting, writing, house renovations, longing for things still in the waiting (just to name a few), there are days I’m ready to throw in the towel on any and all projects I’m working on!
So…what about you? What do you find yourself worn out from today?
  • Covid?
  • Waiting?
  • Illness? 
  • Work/life balance?
  • Adulting?
  • Life in general?
Chances are, if you’re like me, you also have a list – one that is way longer than maybe you’re even willing to admit (aka – puts on running shoes to run from facing any and all problems.)

Oh how easy it is to WANT to be the person who is bouncing through life with endless energy, positivity, and joy!

I bet you can even imagine that person in your head right now as you read this!
BUT… the list! It keeps getting in your way and you find yourself falling short of putting that wanting into becoming! 
Well guess what?! I have some good news for the both of us.
Today, I had a conversation with editor-in-chief of Woman’s Day magazine and new author -Meaghan Murphy – who is an EXPERT on actually becoming that person who can “bounce through life”.
How do I know? Because she radically changed her very own life!
The secret? 
SMALL changes that yield BIG results!
Did you know that happiness is a state of doing, not a state being?
Doing small things. You don’t need a huge overhaul.

That’s right… you can actually move your “happiness needle” everyday, without overwhelm.

Let me share an example. 
What if each day, you changed your “woe is me” to “why not me?”. Or changed your “have tos” to “get tos”?
Really think about that for a moment! That simple flip of the script helps you to find your PURPOSE within that circumstance rather than just feeling stuck. 
The greatest battle we have to fight is within the brain – within our own headspace. Just by flipping the script, we can make some truly remarkable transformations. 
Yes… that means YOU have a choice! 
I know it doesn’t feel like it. I know you might be saying ‘Mary, that’s good for you. It won’t work for me.’
But I’m here to ask: Why? Why would you be the exception to this? And what’s holding you back from at least trying?
You can either let your brain focus on the negative- leaving you feeling apathetic, helpless, and drained. OR! You can choose an intentional response/action to the challenge in front of you that’s energizing, positive, and empowering!
The best part? 
You do not have to sacrifice who you are!
Meaghan does not sugarcoat it when she says that just like the expression “it takes money to make money”, it also takes positivity to make positivity. 
So! If you are ready for a radically simple approach to having endless energy, and you’ve already found these tips intriguing to implement – make sure you tune into today’s conversation where we also cover: 
  • 3 practical tips for practicing positivity so that you can choose to live each day with optimism and joy
  • the power of the “Cheers Effect” if you live openly with your “cab lights” on, receptive to outside interactions
  • how positivity and choosing positivity on a moment by moment basis is something you can do to actually rewire your brain
  • the intriguing ideas of emotional contagion and force fields of positivity
Friends, not everyday is awesome.  BUT if you are ready to learn to recharge daily and rewire your brain to make tomorrow MORE awesome + fill each day with YAY, then you are going to LOVE my conversation with Meaghan!

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