EP. 100: How to Live a Life of Surrender With Holly Hayes

Stand up if you felt in control over this past year. (If we were all here together, I’m pretty sure I’d be looking at a sea of seated people — myself included!)
So let me ask you this. In absence of feeling in control, where did you turn to make yourself feel better?
Retail therapy?
For me personally, I threw myself into work. If I couldn’t control what was going on around me, I could at least find ‘comfort’ whiteknuckling every achievement, every deadline, every new project, right? 

All of these things provided temporary distractions. A mirage of being in control. 

BUT, what if we all decided to stop tightening our grip, trying to control the uncontrollable, and instead open our hands to how things are meant to play out? 
What if we actually SURRENDERED?!
Going from white knuckling to open hands isn’t easy. But author + fashion CEO – Holly Hayes – has gone through this transformation. And so can you.
Holly knows firsthand what seeking control in all of the wrong places can lead to.
You see, Holly was rescued from a life of addiction, abuse, and trafficking when she hit rock bottom and finally witnessed the power of surrender. The power of letting go. 
She finally cried out to God for help.
She did – in fact, she even did so from a bathroom floor.
You might be thinking…But Mary, you don’t know what I’ve done. How could a good God even think of rescuing a person like me? 
Jesus came for the sinners, for the broken. 
Friends, as much as we put on an act for others and ourselves, the good news today is that:
There is no act with God 
We don’t have to ‘act good’. Instead, we need to receive forgiveness by admitting our sins, insead of hiding behind them. We need to get out of our own way. 

So what are you hiding behind today?

What do you need to bring to light? What do you need to stop running from?

Really take a moment to stop and think about that. We ALL have our struggles – you are NOT alone in that. 
I just know that Holly’s path to recovery and faith will inspire you to consider your own. It is such a powerful conversation where we also cover:
  • Holly’s story of her down spiral that led to a life of trauma, shame, and eventual homelessness
  • The point in Holly’s journey where she hit rock bottom and what she did about it
  • What it truly looks like to surrender your life to the plan that God has for you -this bigger picture
  • The power of sharing your own story to help others while bringing glory to God
  • The immense impact of the Sanctuary Project and how you can help 
SO… are you ready to stop running, stop escaping, stop controlling and start living a truly meaningful life of surrender?
Me too!
I can’t wait for you to tune into today’s empowering episode!

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