EP. 112: Essential Habits for an Extraordinary Faith With Justin Kendrick

Which statement best defines you:
A) I have an ache to be great
B) My value comes from the fact that God loves me
I know… kind of a hard hitting question to kick off this Tuesday morning. But! It is an important one. One worth exploring! 
Let’s think about this for a second. 
If you answered “A” to the question above, chances are you living your life in pursuit of more. More success. More achievements. More greatness.
Can you relate?
No judgement here!
Without a doubt it’s an easy place to find yourself (myself included)- especially for all of my overachievers out there!
BUT! Did you know that in our pursuit of more, we are actually missing out on all of the extraordinary things we are CALLED to do. The things we can’t do without Jesus. The things that are done in light of eternity (not in light of ourselves)!
Let me explain…
In Matthew, Jesus gave His followers one great command before He ascended into Heaven:
Go therefore and make disciples

So what does it mean to be a disciple of Jesus? To make disciples? To grow spiritually? To see others grow spiritually?

If you have ever thought about intentional answers to those questions then go ahead and give yourself a pat on the back… because, you my friend, are in the minority. 
According to today’s guest, most Christians actually haven’t. 
And, that leads to…ORDINARY.

We live ordinary lives. We do ordinary things. In fact, a lot of times our lives don’t look that much different from people who don’t follow Jesus. 

Whoa. Total gut check. Right?!
If that statement hits you as hard as it hits me, then you are in the right place!
Because today’s guest – my very own pastor, Justin Kendrick of Vox Church- breaks it ALL down for us! 
In his new book, “Bury Your Ordinary: Practical Habits of a Heart Fully Alive” – Justin boils down discipleship and spiritual growth to… growth in love. 
You see, as we grow in love, we grow in God. AND! We can actually create habits in our lives that recenter and reorient our loves. 
And, no…I’m not trying to throw another to-do list at you. These habits aren’t meant to add more to your plate.

Instead they are a guide to developing a lifestyle that will lead you to grow spiritually every day. That will lead you to a radical faith. 

Ready for the ‘how’?
Step 1: Get out of your comfort zone. We HAVE to be willing to let go of our safety net. We have to get out of the ordinary. 
Step 2: Embrace extraordinary habits. Habits of relationship, radiance, receptivity, righteousness, resources, rhythm, and replication. (Don’t let this overwhelm you! Justin lays it all out for us today as he groups these habits into 3 main categories: keeping God central, guardrail habits, and longhaul habits!)
Step 3: Bury your old ways of doing things. It’s time to say goodbye to ordinary and hello to extraordinary. Spiritual growth requires a letting go, an undoing. 
Words can’t even express how excited I am for today’s episode as Justin breaks down these steps even further and where we also chat about:
  • The idea of trusting more instead of trying more
  • The “secret” of Christianity and becoming who you already are (not who you will someday be)
  • Why the opposite of ordinary is obedience
  • How to follow the promptings of the Holy Spirit
  • The importance of living out the truth that God is deeply satisfied with who you are
(I wish you could see me slow-clapping away right now!)
So! If you are ready to STOP settling for an everyday faith…. If you are ready to START building a radically, extraordinary relationship with God…then trust me – you will NOT want to miss today’s transformational episode! 
I guarantee that you will walk away with a fresh understanding and perspective of discipleship! And, I just know that you find it equally as humbling as it is empowering, like I did!

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