EP. 113: How to Break Unhealthy Generational Cycles With Alex Kendrick

Everyone has a unique father story. 
Some positive. Some painful. 
If you’ve read my debut book, Dirt, you know what a special relationship I have with my dad. 
But… it wasn’t always that way. 
We once knew what it was to fight with one another, before we found what it was to fight for one another. To finally hold on with a white-knuckle grip when everything and everyone around us was letting go.
Dirt is a reconciliation with the roots that grew me. It’s a story that I’ve become proud of. 
What is your father story?

Is it filled with wounds or wonder? Is it in need of healing or does it bring happiness? Are you longing for reconciliation, or are you rejoicing?

Whether positive or painful, it’s always personal! And, it can deeply affect the core of your identity and direction of your life!
Wait until you read this next part… it blew my mind!
Research shows that 90% of runaways, 63% of youth suicides, 71% of pregnant teens, and 85% of youth in prison are from fatherless homes!
It also goes on to show that those without a father present are 4x more likely to end up in poverty, 10x more likely to use drugs, and 32x more likely to run away.
Whoa! Just take a minute and let those numbers sink in. 
If they don’t scream out the importance of a father’s role, I don’t know what does. 
But! Father wounds are not just found in the fatherless. Those blessed with a present father still have a father story – some healthy, some toxic, some a mix of both. 
At the end of the day, our earthly fathers are human. The only Father that will never fail us, is our Heavenly Father. 
And THAT is exactly the message today’s guest, Alex Kendrick, is passionate about sharing! 
Yes! THE actor, producer, and writer Alex Kendrick of the Kendrick Brothers! A DREAM guest of mine ever since watching the movie Overcomer in theaters and bawling my eyes out!
Well! My dream became a reality recently when I got to chat with Alex ALL about his newest film, Show Me The Father. 
Show Me The Father is the Kendrick Brothers’ first full documentary featuring a variety of amazing true stories that provide a fresh perspective on the roles of fathers in today’s society. 
More importantly, the film invites you to think differently about how you view your earthly father AND how you personally relate to God the Father. 
Friends! I wish I could scream from the West Virginia mountaintops about what an AWESOME film this is! I was honored to receive an early viewing and trust me when I say that it will move and inspire you!

If you are struggling with your father relationship today. If you are in need of reconciliation from past hurts. If you are wanting to break generational cycles for future generations to come – then make sure to listen up….

As important of a role as our earthly fathers play in our lives, we cannot place our identity in any human, not even our dads. 
Instead, we MUST place our identity in our Heavenly Father. 
Just think about the difference that could make in the lives of those children mentioned in the stats above. 
Just think about the difference it could make in your life!
Once you place your identity in Christ, then you do NOT have to buy into the lies that encourage you to run away, seek affirmation in the wrong places, reach for things to numb you. 
The lies that say you are worthless, incapable, a failure, or unloved. 
Instead, your identity in Him says you are a loved, saved, redeemed, forgiven child of God!
And lastly, if you are struggling in your relationship with God because of your relationship with your dad. Remember this:
You can’t hold up your earthly father’s attributes and look at God and think He’s the same way. He’s not the same. Your earthly father may have failed you, but God will not.
If you are over there nodding your head and raising your praise hands, then you are definitely going to want to tune into my conversation with Alex today where we also discuss:
  • The influence fathers have in shaping the direction of their children’s lives
  • The impact of breaking unhealthy generational cycles for generations to come
  • Ways to think differently about how you view your earthly father while rediscovering how you personally relate to God the Father
  • Finding healing from your personal father wounds by seeking redemption from your Heavenly Father
Everyone has a father story, and it’s still being written – including yours!
If you are ready to address old wounds, discover healing, and be inspired to change the lives of others, you will not want to miss today’s powerful episode! 
I’m jumping up and down with excitement about this one!

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