EP. 095: Trusting the Journey With Morgan Harper Nichols

Let me ask you a question. When you think about your life…
  • Do you think about where you are headed, or where you have already traveled?
  • Do you think about how far you have to go, or how far you have come?
  • Do you think about the goals still left to achieve, or the goals you’ve already crushed?
I have a sneaking suspicion that if you are anything like me, you are more focused on the ‘have yet to dos’ vs. celebrating ALL that you’ve already done!
In all honesty, with that mindset and focus, it’s no wonder that many of us are left:
  • wondering if we are even seen
  • feeling like we are less than
  • constantly finding ourselves in the comparison trap
Hmm… sound familiar?
Trust me, I’m just as guilty as anyone! Even right now! As I’m approaching a deadline for my second book I am constantly having to remind myself that it is NOT just about the finish line, it is about the journey. It’s not just about meeting deadlines, it’s about the roads traveled to even get to this point!
So what about YOU, friend? 

When was the last time that you really dug into the beauty of your own story?

When was the last time you’ve honored how far you have come?! When was the last time you reflected on your own journey?
If it’s been a while… then get ready to breathe a deep sigh of relief and peace. Morgan Harper Nichols, best-selling artist + author, has mastered this idea of honoring how far we’ve come. Of looking forward to where we’re headed, without getting in a rush of arriving.
Her secret?
Focus on journeying wide. 
That’s right! We need to STOP being SO laser-focused. Our downfall is that many of us have an arrival time and route in our minds, BUT we are missing so much along the way when we do!
In fact, there is more than one path to get where you are going!
(I hope that you are breathing sigh of relief with me right now!)
That means even if you have to start over and try again, even if you think you’ve missed your opportunity, EVEN IF…. you CAN and WILL still get to where you are going. 

That means even if you have to start over and try again, even if you think you’ve missed your opportunity, EVEN IF….

You CAN and WILL still get to where you are going. 

If are ready to overcome your fear of making a wrong turn and are ready to honor your journey, you will not want to miss the rest of our conversations where we also cover:
  • The power of reclaiming life’s stories (even the ones you feel like you can’t tell) and re-envision them as experiences of reconciliation
  • How to embrace and become exactly who you are in the moment you hold right now, today
  • Ways to awaken your heart to how your own history has made you who you are today
  • How to honor how far we’ve come even in the midst of the hurt and the mundane, the questions and the not yets
So! Why don’t you join hands with Morgan and me today as we find freedom from finish lines together!
I can’t wait to hear what you think of this powerful and wise episode!
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