EP. 101: How to Un-Hurry Your Heart With Jennifer Dukes Lee

Let me ask you a question.
If you were offered a choice to either speed up life or slow it down, what would you choose?
Oh, and the real kicker here — along with this choice came the assurance that if you slowed down you wouldn’t miss a thing. You wouldn’t be left behind. You wouldn’t lose your edge. 
What would you choose?
Interesting when you actually stop to think about it, right?!
I’m willing to bet that many of us would gladly opt for a break from the fast pace of life. The ‘hustling hard’. The ‘going big’. 
(I know I would!)
So…why is that?
Because candidly, the never ending striving is exhausting! And! The constant spinning often leaves us feeling…. Stressed. Empty. Out of sorts. 
Can you relate??
Friend, if I am describing you here, then let this be your cue! 

The time has come to step into a far more satisfying, sustainable pace. 

A pace that leads to a life of contentment, happiness, and a new found freedom! 
If this sounds like something you would love to take advantage of, then boy do I have the guest for you today!
You see, today I am joined by beloved author, Jennifer Dukes Lee.
You know I couldn’t pass up the opportunity to sit down with Jennifer when I found out that her latest book is all about growing slow. About charting a path away from the pressures of bigger, harder, faster, and into a more rooted way of living where the growth of good things is deep and lasting!
(Clearly a girl after my own heart right here!)
It sounds great, right?
But how??
HOW do we go about finding this un-hurried life?

How do we not give into this tension of our body, heart, and soul telling us to slow down… at the same time crashing into this fear of feeling like we’re falling behind.

Feeling like we have to keep up. Maybe even feeling like we should be further along by now. 
Well, first thing first. This decision to grow slow is not one and done.
In fact, it’s a decision you have to make over and over again in your life. 
Once we recognize and embrace that truth, we can be mentally prepared to tackle those moments of anxiety, insomnia, and fear. 
And so, in those moments, when that tension is high we can make a conscious choice to return to growing slowly by following Jennifer’s “Growing Slow Method”: Remember. Reflect. Return. 
Step #1 is Remember – Just by its nature, remembering requires you to stop, slow down, and pause. 
So, the next time you feel that tension sneaking up on you try this….
Stop and remember a piece of wisdom that you have encountered at some point in your life. Whether that be something you’ve learned personally or something that has been passed down or given to you. 

Ready to get real here? Let me share Jennifer’s example to really bring this home. 

Like so many of us, Jennifer wrestled with the not-so-welcomed quarantine weight and made a decision that she wanted to lose her newfound lbs. So, to help her with this goal, she hired her strength-trainer, Nate, and couldn’t wait for Nate to work his magic.
Except! Jennifer wasn’t seeing the progress she wanted in the short time that she had committed to Nate’s program. 
On the verge of just throwing in the towel and cancelling her training session, she paused. And! Rather than cancel, she remembered what Nate said to her when she first started:
Slow progress is still progress. Slow progress is better. 
You see, Nate’s plan was a sustainable one. One that would actually lead Jennifer to meet her goal without fear of injury or only short-lived success. But! It took Jennifer slowing down to remember this wisdom rather than give into her impulse. 
The real magic of the Growing Slow Method takes place in the final two steps: Reflect & Return. Jennifer and I go into detail about these steps and so much more in today’s episode where we also chat about: 
  • The power of finding balance in life rather than succumbing to the ‘hustle culture’
  • What it looks like to break free from what society says matters
  • The importance of God’s timing and God’s provision for your life. 
Friend, after listening, you will:
  • Find the true relief that comes when you stop running and start resting in Jesus
  • Be equipped with practices for unhurried your heart and mind every day
  • Feel ready to let go of the pressure and embrace the small, good things already bearing fruit in your life
If you are tired of going through life always looking for the next milestone, but missing something that already exists…..If you are ready to find a more rooted way of living where the growth of good things is deep and lasting….. then trust me, you will not want to miss today’s incredible episode! 
I can’t wait to hear what you think!

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