EP. 103: How to Stop Treating Busy as a Badge of Honor With Emily Lex

In the journey of meaning of purpose, I’ve found it can lead you to one of two places:
Asking , IS THIS IT, all there is?
Resting freely in your value.
And honestly, the result depends on us. On if we decide to NOT rely on us.
Is your journey keeping you wanting MORE or is it helping you find freedom in your TODAY?
There have been SO many times where I’ve felt that I have what I should have – a loving husband, a great career, a house on the water, a podcast, a book deal, my sweet pups-  YET… I’m still reaching for the next thing! Still striving for more! 
I think I’ve always just chalked it up to being an Enneagram 3. A success-oriented, ambitious achiever. Right?!
I’m eye rolling at myself over here, because if I’m being honest with myself, really honest…. that’s the easy way out. The convenient cop out. 
So. What about you?
Where are you finding your value? Where are you placing your worth? Where are you anchoring your identity?
  • Achievements?
  • Success?
  • Busyness?
  • Others?
If your answer is anything BUT Jesus – then KEEP reading!
Our guest today on the podcast will help bring to light areas that leave you feeling empty – and what to do about it.
Emily Lex is a popular blogger + new author.
Emily knows firsthand what it looks like to live tangled up, burdened, and heavy. But she traded all of that in to live FREELY and LIGHTLY. 
Emily’s secret- Live a life of quiet confidence!
Let me explain. Emily describes quiet confidence as an inner disposition. 

It’s consciously not looking out into the world for it to tell me that I’m valuable. That I’m enough. That I’m worthy.

Friends, we don’t have to look to do that because Jesus already sets that in us!
Yes….Your identity is already rooted in Jesus!
Do you believe that? 

Once you do and once you trust Him, trust that He’s good. That you’re loved and that He sets your value…it puts your soul at rest. REAL rest.

So let me ask you…. Do you feel like you are living saved but not yet free? 
Well good news! God is offering you a better way:
  • A way of real rest
  • A way of quiet confidence
  • A way to free yourself from expectations
  • A way to become the person He created you to be
  • A way to learn His unforced rhythms of grace
If you are ready to live freely and lightly then you will not want to miss the rest of our conversation where we cover: 
  • The feeling of unrest in your soul and what to do about it (and while a self-care mani is great, this is not the solution)
  • The notion of busy as a badge of honor and what is really the driving force behind this dangerous myth
  • The reason we keep adding to our calendars in an effort to ‘keep up’, and the journey to finding a better way
  • How to stop relying on yourself and your own efforts and start relying on Jesus
Friends, it is so natural yet so tiring to rely on ourselves. To carry the burden of the world on our worn out shoulders. To think that we know best. 
BUT, there is a better way! It is time to breathe a sigh of hope and accept the gentle invitation from Jesus to live freely and lightly. 
I can’t wait for you to listen to today’s life-changing episode!

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