EP. 117: How to Take Back Your Time in 3, Guilt Free Steps with Christy Wright

It’s time to take back your calendar. It’s time to take back your schedule. It’s time to take back your TIME.
….without guilt.
Sound too good to be true? 
Well, that might be because your definition of LIFE BALANCE is … well… out of balance. 
And it’s not your fault! Life balance was most likely a behavior and mindset you picked up either from childhood or through the lens of comparison – and never even knew to question it! 
I mean, just think about it!

When you think of life balance – what images come to mind? Juggling it all?  Walking a tightrope? 

As a result, we think to have balance – we have to do it all the time and do it well. 
And if you’re anything like me, your inner dialogue goes something like this:
“If I can just be productive enough, good enough, work on overdrive to complete that mile long to do list – then on the other side I will feel BALANCED.”
This definition of life balance is not only wrong, but it’s toxic! 
In addition, with every generation, we add on new pressures. More demands. More opportunities. New technology. More accessibility. 
If you really think about it – did your mother or your grandmother feel the pressure to do everything and do it well?! Honestly – probably not. 
If you’re ready to swap overdrive exhaustion for balanced peace – Christy Wright’s message is here to speak to your heart today.
In her new book, Take Back Your Time: The Guilt-Free Guide to Life Balance, Christy reveals the main reasons why we feel out of balance and how to combat those. She also lays out the path to balance that anyone can walk in order to ditch the distractions in life and focus on what really matters.
Christy has truly become a friend to me during this season, and I’m so grateful for her honesty and transparency in our conversation on the podcast today.
Something she said that really stood out to me was:
“We judge others by what they are doing right and what we are doing wrong.”
Woof. Isn’t that so true?!

We push ourselves into overdrive because our focus is on how great everyone else is doing – and simultaneously on the 1 or 2 things we failed at that day. 

So what if we changed that? HOW do we change that?!
I love how practical Christy is able to break down exactly this – and how to take back your time through creating your ideal calendar. 
The first step? 
Start with a blank slate on your calendar. 
Don’t simply move the puzzle pieces around. Take a blank weekly calendar and put it next to your current calendar. Then fill in the things you absolutely *have* to do. Things like: go to work, take the kids to school, etc.
I think you’ll be surprised by how FEW items end up in this category.
Therefore, this begins to set up your ideal calendar so that you can see how much time you can then fill into your calendar with things you LIKE to do. 
Want the next three steps to create that perfect, ideal calendar? Be sure to tune into today’s episode for Christy’s easy to apply, 3 step process. We are also covering: 
  • The deeper heart wounds that drive us to perform 
  • What we learn in childhood that needs to be unlearned as an adult about love.
  • How to find peace in an unbalanced world
Friends, this deep and heartfelt conversation truly spoke to my soul and I’m so grateful to Christy for her time and the wisdom she is sharing on today’s episode.
If you’re ready for peace instead of pressure, be sure to hit play on this episode so you can start to take your time back right NOW.

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