EP. 098: How to Embrace What Matters Most with Kendra Adachi

Give 100% to your dreams! You can do it! Give it all you got! 
What is also implied:
(But don’t forget to also give 100% to your husband, your children, your community, your book club, your presentable at all times-home, your friendships…And! If you feel like a hot mess, it’s okay because you are being ‘real’!)
Hmm… Do these underlying messages sound all too familiar? Does this really sound like the best way to live??
Yeah, I didn’t think so either. 
Here’s the deal…..

We have all fallen victim to the ‘you can do it all’, but ‘you are doing it all wrong’ mindset. 

Myself included! 
In fact, if you just look around at all of the magazine titles in the checkout line at the grocery store you will see that our culture is inundated with should dos, must trys, start nows!
I’m curious! 
Have you found yourself in a constant hamster wheel of trying to systemize, life hack, and inspirational quote your way to a simpler and more satisfying life?? 
If you answered ‘yes’, is it working?? 
OR – are you like me… finding yourself still overwhelmed and flat out exhausted?!
Friends! If you are in the latter group, you are not alone! And, there is a solution!!
Today, I had the privilege of chatting with Kendra Adachi – The Lazy Genius herself! And I’ve got to tell you – it was SUCH a refreshing conversation!

You see, The Lazy Genius Way is NOT about doing things the ‘right’ way, it is about finally finding your own way!

There are no shaming mantras about what you should be doing better, no demoralizing comparison traps, or new to-do lists!

Instead you will be encouraged to decide what matters to you, while receiving the much needed permission to gently leave the rest behind.

(Umm.. yes please!)

In fact, Kendra believes that living by a list of “shoulds” is exhausting and leaves zero extra time for just being a person!

I have to agree!

Over the years, she learned that if her worth was based on how well she did everything she should do, then she would be a terrible human being!

So, what did she do? She quit trying so hard!  And, she started being a genius about the things that matter and lazy about the things that don’t.

Ready to jump on board and be a Lazy Genius with us?! (Your future self will thank you!)

Go grab a pen and paper and let’s get started! Here is the first step that you can take TODAY!

Group your life into categories and figure out what matters most to YOU within those categories (not what society or social media tells you should matter to you)

Here are a couple of categories to help you get the ball rolling: your family, faith, home, work, creative outlet/ hobby.

Now, let’s take Kendra’s example of ‘home’ to hammer this out.

Things that could matter to you within home include: cleanliness, tidiness, warmth, having individual spaces, having group spaces, etc.

Write down all of the things that could matter to you and then, just by process of elimination, go through and decide what actually matters most to you.

For instance, if you have a family of introverts, you might find that you care most about having individual spaces throughout your home rather than an HGTV-style open concept space!


Because individual spaces serve YOUR family better!

This is what the whole idea of being a Lazy Genius is about!

Investing your time in the things that matter to you!

So rather than spin your wheels trying to mimic the latest open concept floor plan only to be left feeling exhausted and unsatisfied, spend your time doing what will serve you best!

I can guarantee you are going to feel SO freed up after listening to our conversation today, where we also talk about:

  • How we don’t need a new list of things to do, but rather we need a new way to see
  • The reasons why we are worn out from both trying too hard and not trying at all
  • How social media has conflated order with being fake and chaos with being real
  • Kendra’s ‘decide once’ strategy to breath a little easier and live a little lighter
  • ‘The magic question’ that can be truly life-giving

Friends, if you are ready to embrace what matters, ditch what doesn’t (guilt-free!), and get stuff done, then you will not want to miss this powerful episode!

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