EP. 107: How To Get REAL About The Hard Stuff With Debra Fileta

Ready to go deep with me today?!
Good! Buckle up and let’s go! 
Let’s start off with a question…
How many times are you asked, “Hey! How are you?” or “Hey! How are things going?”
From friends, family, and checkout lines alike, I would venture to say that I am asked this question AT LEAST once a day (if not more). 
How about you?? 
I’m guessing it’s probably similar. 
Not surprising, right? Afterall, what was once intended as a deep question has become a common greeting.
My response? 
Without even thinking: “I’m okay! How about you?” 
(Does this sound like your go-to answer as well?)
Well today, I want to change that! Today, my guest, Debra Fileta, and I want to ask you:
Think about that for a second.

When was the last time you actually paid attention to how you are really doing?

When was the last time you’ve answered that question honestly not only to others, but more importantly to yourself?
If it’s been a while, then today’s message is for you!
Why? Because you are going to be challenged – in a good way!
Challenged to get real with who you are and how you’re doing:
  • Spiritually
  • Emotionally
  • Mentally
  • Physically 
Hmmm….You might be thinking, “Okay….but what’s the point??
The answer: so you can recognize where you need growth and healing

Here’s the bottom line- like it or not, no one is immune to life’s struggles (um, hello 2020). 

So why do we always feel the need to act like we have it all together?? Why do we feel like we need to cover up the struggle?

According to my friend, Debra – “It’s time for us to stop assuming health, and start pursuing health. “We’ve got to stop saying that we’re okay when we haven’t actually taken the time to really check in”.
And, I have to say, I couldn’t agree more. 
Debra has walked through the darkness herself. And, as a wife, a mother, a licensed professional counselor, a speaker, and an author, she is speaking from a place of experience, wisdom, and love when she says: 
Getting healthy is an ongoing process that requires you to stop, dig deep, and ask yourself the hard questions.
So….where do we even begin?
First thing first! According to Debra, it is time for us to get real. 
Time to get real about our faith and our struggles
Just because you are a Christian does not mean that you are automatically exempt from depression, anxiety, life struggles! You CAN be a Christian who struggles with these things, and that is OKAY! Why? Because you don’t have to stay in that place.
As Christians we have hope for healing!
So much of who we are today has roots to who we were and what we’ve experienced in childhood. So it’s no wonder that we tend to choose what is familiar over what is healthy!
Maybe we choose to bury our emotions and not deal with them, maybe we lean into unhealthy habits as coping mechanisms, maybe we find ourselves in toxic situations or relationships as a way to not deal with reality. Whatever the case may be we have to recognize that when really AREN’T okay, and then:
See ourselves through the lens of who we are in Christ. As forgiven and loved and capable and worthy.

Once we start to view ourselves through the filter of Christ, we can begin our healing.

We can begin to shift our perspective so that we can find meaning in our stories and become a healthier version of ourselves.
Sign. Me. Up! 
If this sounds like the message you need to hear today, then you are going to LOVE my conversation with Debra where we also chat about: 
  • What it looks like to be living in the social media times that says how you look through the filter on the outside is more important than what’s going on in the inside
  • Things like trauma, anxiety, depression and how to get to the root of what you believe about yourself, others, and God
  • Ways to recognize the influences of past traumas and replace them with God’s truth
  • The importance of understanding and expressing your emotions in healthy and helpful ways
If you are ready to get intentional about pursuing health in every part of your life, using a combination of science, psychology, and faith, you will not want to miss today’s incredible episode!
I can’t wait to hear how you apply Debra’s life-changing advice!

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