EP. 106: Loving What God Called Good With Jess Connolly

Do you feel defeated when you look in the mirror?
Are you embarrassed or uncomfortable in your own skin?
Are you envious of your friend’s body shape?
If you answered yes to any of the above questions, then guess what? 
1) You are human
2) You are one among many (around 97% of women to be exact)
3) You are a prime target for the enemy’s attacks 
You see, the enemy uses these exact tactics! Planting seeds of defeat, embarrassment, and envy to turn you away from the Truth.
The Truth that your body is more than its size, sickness, or even its symptoms. And you my friend, were made for more than a love/hate relationship with your God-given, God-ordained body!
Think about it! How many special days have there been in your life that were supposed to be full of joy and celebration, but instead you were distracted by how your body looked?! 
Weddings. Birthdays. Anniversaries. Trips. 
Taking a million pictures until you get ‘the one’. Feeling upset because you wish your dress fit differently. Only thinking about the ‘flaws’ that you have on display.
(Um – guilty!)
Here’s the reality: when we are distracted by how our bodies look, we are being kept from seeing those Heaven on earth moments where the Kingdom breaks through. 

Why? Because the enemy is actively trying to keep you and me from experiencing the joy and abundance in our lives that God desired for us!

And I for one am done with it! Stick a fork in it – done! For me, it stops today! I hope it stops for you too! We are too precious in the eyes of the Lord to let this acceptance of self-negativity continue!
According to my friend, Jess Connolly, the truest thing about you and me is that we are made and loved by God. And the truest thing about Him is that He cannot make bad things!
(Amen to that, sister!)
It is because of this powerful message that I truly couldn’t be more thrilled to have Jess on the show today to discuss her latest book, “Breaking Free from Body Shame: Dare to Reclaim What God Has Named Good.” 
Jess doesn’t sugarcoat things when she talks about how it is one thing to know in your head that you were created in the image of God. Yet, it’s quite another to experience this belief in your body, against the cultural ideals of a woman’s worth. 

What lies between these two ideas?

A world of frustration, disappointment, and the shame of somehow feeling both too much and never enough in your body. (Can you relate?)

I LOVE how Jess’ book points out that in the Bible there is no mention of Mary Magdalene’s thighs. Deborah’s teeth, Ruth’s waistline, Anna the prophetess’s forehead. Elsabeth’s stretch marks. Eve’s hair. Lois’ skin. Martha’s tunic size. Or, the symmetry (or lack thereof) of Miriam’s face.
Why? Because the Lord looks at the heart. 
Jess rightfully points out that their faithfulness was not defined by their bodies. Their capacity to be used by God was not defined by their bodies. And, their bodies were never the most interesting or compelling parts of their story. 
Why? Because the Lord looks at the heart.

I mean, just think about that for a moment! How reassuring! How comforting! How uplifting!

So, let’s get to it! What can we do TODAY to take this from just head knowledge to truly believing it in our hearts? 
  1. Recognize that self-image is not a superficial issue – it’s a spiritual issue
  2. Stop speaking shame over what God has ordained good
  3. Extend yourself the grace that God has already given to you so that you can experience the freedom that God intended
Friends, if this is speaking straight to you, then you will not want to miss this must-listen episode, where Jess and I also chat about: 
  • Practical ways to reframe your thoughts around your body
  • The body positivity versus body neutrality movement
  • How to rename what the world has labeled as less-than
  • The balance between freedom and health
  • Ways to experience restoration where there has been injury
So, if you are ready to experience freedom and grace from whatever struggle you are facing today and experience God meeting you in your tender place, you will not want to miss today’s must-listen episode! 
I am SO excited for you to listen! Jess is an all-star, and you are in for such a treat!

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