4 Ways to Grow into the Girl for the Job with Jess Connolly

Feeling unqualified and inadequate is a deep fear that can stir up a lot of insecurities and ultimately hinders us from stepping into something new. And understandably so – it’s so easy to compare to others and tell ourselves that someone else is better suited for the position. But what if that job was specifically created for you to step into? That it calls for your unique ideas, thoughts, and skills? It can be a wrestle to believe where God has placed us is good, and that He’ll show up. And no one knows this better than author, co-owner of All Good Things Collective print shop, and founder of Go + Tell Gals, Jess Connolly. Listen in to this episode as Mary chats with Jess on how to effectively fight inadequacy and comparison, what’s on Jess’s current ‘quit’ list, why your beginning is actually the time to really go for it, and four ways you can grow into the girl for the job. This conversation is an explosive mix of transparent stories and unique, fresh perspective of overcoming comparison and insecurity – and one you’ll be glad you didn’t miss. It’s your time to fight those thoughts of not enough-ness, so go ahead and press that play button now.

Listen to Podcast Episode 003 with Jess Connolly

To learn more about Jess visit, https://jessconnolly.com and say hi on Instagram @jessaconnolly

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