What Comparison Really Robs Us Of (it may not be what you think!)

Have you ever felt that your win shouldn’t be celebrated because it’s small in comparison to someone else’s? Are you tired of watching others make moves toward YOUR dream – but you feel you have to wait until your beginnings aren’t quite so ‘small’? Friend, your gifting is too important for this cycle to continue! In this episode, listen in as Mary shares her tangible tips on how to set yourself free from the negativity of comparison, how to be proud of your work-in-progress story, how to identify the lies keeping you stuck, and why you need to not wait another minute to take action on that dream! If those unwelcomed thoughts of comparison continue to take up your precious resource of time, this episode is for you. Tune in to stop allowing the voice of comparison to be the loudest voice in your head and walk away with tangible tips on how to move forward with confidence in your competence.

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