EP. 129: Slow Growth Equals Strong Roots with Mary Marantz

Fatigue. Lack of motivation. Exhaustion. 
Despite all of the ‘New Year, New You’ mantras, are you still trying to figure out the way back to YOURSELF?
I know it all too well.
That is exactly where achieving for my worth landed me, too. In total burnout mode.
And I’m not even just talking about coasting off to the side of the road because the tank has run out of gas type of burnout.
I am talking about flying down the highway at a hundred miles per hour and the transmission falls out ….and then you skid into a brick wall type of burnout.
I have been there. (All too often, really.)
Believing that I was invincible to burnout. Thinking that I could achieve my worth. Feeling an intense need to prove to myself, and to others, that I could outrun the muddy parts of my story.
If, like me, you have been achieving, striving, performing for your worth for so long that you are, at last, exhausted, then listen up: no matter how hard you run, you can’t outrun you.
Friends, I am SO excited for this season of the podcast where we are focusing on exactly that!
If you are ready to:
  1. Stop running from your story and truly live in the freedom that your identity and calling are determined by God
  2. Truly believe in your heart that you are NOT in a race with anyone. 
  3. Find encouragement  in knowing that slow growth equals strong roots… 
… then this season is for you! 
Why? Because now the real work can begin!
Together, we can finally start to strip the things that no longer serve, and dig down deep into who God is calling us to be!
If you are thinking to yourself, “Mary, this all sounds good…but, how?”, then let me encourage you to do something today:

Ask God to show you the miracles right in front of you.


It takes a radical act of courage to see beauty among the broken, but it is no less radical or courageous to witness the miracle among the mundane.

Let this be your wake up call! 

Today’s episode is the heartbeat behind this season of the podcast that is all about giving up overachieving for our worth, trying to gold star and highlight reel our way into being enough of something in order to matter.
Make sure to tune in today as I also:
  • Provide you with tangible tips to get you jump started on your new journey toward freedom (not burnout) 
  • Invite you to pause, reflect, and step back into your true self 
  • Discuss what ‘at last, exhausted’ means for you and your life
  • Teach you how to get the wonder back in your life that you used to dream about as a child
If some days (okay, maybe MOST days), you’re at the end of your rope, tune in to borrow some hope for your upcoming week. And, be sure to stick around until the end of the episode to hear my “Slow Growth” prayer for you! 

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