EP 131: Why You Should Ease Off the Gas Pedal with Allie Trowbridge

What on earth did we ever do before GPS? 
Please tell me that I am not the only one who remembers stopping at gas stations for directions – or better yet, carrying  a map in the glove compartment of the car. 
Thank goodness for modern technology, right?! Because now, we have multiple GPS choices at our fingertips to help us navigate. In fact, not only do we have step-by-step directions always readily available, we can even get directions that show the quickest routes, where we should turn to avoid traffic, the best time of day to leave, etc. 
Everything is so perfectly orchestrated and mapped out that when we do hit a bump along our path that slows us down, it throws us off. We stop enjoying the ride and begin to obsess over the time to our final destination. 
Hmm…I can’t help but believe that this is a perfect metaphor for life as well! 
Think about it! 
How many of you feel that you’ve been waiting your whole life to get to a certain destination? To wake up one day and finally feel like you have arrived? Perhaps even stretch out your arms and revel in a sense of finished and accomplishment. (Umm… guilty!)
If this is you, you are going to LOVE today’s guest, author and CEO – Allie Trowbridge.
She sums it up best when she says: 

“Of course you may end up taking a roundabout course to get somewhere, but what makes the road trip worthwhile may be the very time spent on the scenic routes. So ease off the gas pedal a bit and take some time to choose your soundtrack. Stop for photos at the lookouts.”

Yes, friend! Preach! 
I can’t even begin to tell you how many times I’ve inadvertently mapped out my own trajectory marked by milestones of goals, achievements, and successes. Only to look back and realize that while I checked the box, I missed the ride. 
If this idea of growing slow and enjoying the journey speaks to you, pre-order my new book! 
What specifically comes to mind for me is law school. 
If I’m being honest with myself, I don’t feel like I enjoyed it as much as I could have because I spent the whole time in survival mode. Running from my story, trying to achieve my way into worth, trying to prove that I belonged there. Never allowing myself to be fully immersed. 
How about you? Have you ever gotten so caught up in the drive to achieve and become that you forgot to slow down to savor and embrace your journey?
While I really hope not, I can’t help but imagine this is something that many of us struggle with… Allie and myself included.
I absolutely LOVED my conversation with Allie today! She shares a story about a sabbatical she took and how it was the hardest yet most life changing three months. 
Why? Allie says:

“It helped me finally come to a place of stillness where I was able to see myself as okay without achievement.”

(Clearly we are kindred spirits!)
I would love to challenge you today to find a way to come to this same realization! To stop achieving for your worth!
How? Allie offers up these three suggestions:
  1. Trust the pursuit while releasing the outcome
  2. Believe that your life’s journey is your life’s destination.
  3. Achieve from a place of joy, not out of a deficiency or a need to prove 
Friends, this is an unbelievable conversation! Make sure to tune in as Allie and I also cover: 
  • How and why you should give up achieving or performing or your worth
  • Reasons you should focus on the process instead of the end goal
  • Tips for learning to avoid regret
  • The power of stillness, rest, and following your intuition 
If you are ready to enjoy the ride instead of regretting the path, then you will not want to miss today’s incredible episode! 

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