How to Make Your Home a Place of Rest and Refuge All Year Round with Sally Clarkson

Feeling pulled in a million directions? Thanksgiving may be over, but it seems the holiday season is only gaining speed and rushing by even faster. But perhaps this isn’t just a ‘holiday’ pace. Maybe this is your norm all year round. So how do we fight for peace and a sense of home when we feel so scattered? If you’ve ever asked yourself this question, Sally Clarkson has some solutions for you. Tune in as Mary invites on 21-time best selling author, Sally Clarkson, as she maps out how to make your home an anchor of peace, belonging, and a haven of warmth.  You’ll hear why shaping your home doesn’t mean being ‘house beautiful,’ how to make your home a priority, and the first step to creating lasting traditions. If you’re ready to get back to loving people well and making your home a respite from the chaos in an isolated culture, this episode is for you.

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