EP. 134: The 5 Achiever Types – A Love Letter to the Woman Afraid to Start

Insecurity. Overthinking. Playing small.
Despite your heart’s desire to break ground on building your dream, do find yourself an expert in avoidance instead?
Perhaps, too overcome by the prospect of failure, rather than taking the steps to move forward, you feel safer staying in place. Paralyzed.
Trust me, I get it! And honestly, I have to fight against it ALL the time!
AND to add insult to injury (or in this case, fear to self-doubt)…
It’s not just insecurity who comes uninvited to this self-doubt party. No. She brings her friends as well – perfectionism, overthinking, playing small, imposter syndrome. (Sound familiar?)
All of the sudden, rather than chase your dreams, this circle of uninvited ‘friends’ have you second guessing yourself. Doubting your gifts. Playing down your God-given abilities.
Before you know it, you feel safer to shy away, to not draw attention to yourself, than risk failure. 
You may be thinking, “Okay, but what’s the big deal if I decide to live within my comfort zone?”

The place where your gifts meet your story has the power to change lives!

Friends, if there wasn’t some fear around the work that you are called to do changing people’s lives, then the enemy would have no need to make you doubt it… if he didn’t see the potential that it had then you wouldn’t matter so much to him.
(Yikes- let that sink in for a minute because that is for somebody right now!)
Do we all get stuck from time to time?
Of course! 
It honestly happens to me all the time. Pretty much every day. 
In fact, I’m so far out of my comfort zone at this point, that to not get tripped up by insecurity and her squad of uninvited friends would be the unusual thing. 
But, at this point in my life, I have just learned to take it as a sign that whatever ‘thing’ I’m trying to get started on.. that I’m trying to get some traction on….It must be on the right track. It must really matter.
So! What can we do to ensure that we don’t keep getting stuck?! Let me break this down for you:
Step 1: Take the first step! Action breeds clarity and momentum favors movement. 
Think of a puzzle for instance. 
When you first begin, the whole thing seems to be like a mess, right? It seems to be taking forever. You’re not even sure if the pieces fit together.

You have no idea what the big picture is that you’re after. But step-by-step piece by piece, the bigger picture becomes clear.

 Pretty soon you look up and you can’t believe how quickly it all came together. And now you’re staring at a picture in front of you… staring back of what it always could have been, but it never would have happened without that first step of action in the midst of the mess.
(Pretty mind blowing when you think about it, huh?)
I have two more super practical, yet potentially life-changing steps that I can’t wait to share with you in today’s second solo episode of my Slow Growth Equal Strong Roots season!
I’m SO excited for you to tune in as I am tackling all things insecurity and how doubt can manifest itself depending on what type of achiever you are! And, I have crafted a special quiz for you to help you identify your achiever type (The Performer, The Tightrope Walker, The Contortionist, The Masquerader, or The Illusionist) that is live today!
Not only is the quiz going to tell you which type you are, it’s then going to walk you through your strengths and your most common pitfalls that keep you stuck. Most importantly, I will give you an action plan for where you go from here!

Trust me when I say today’s short episode packs a punch! Make sure to tune in as I dive into:
  • The hold that the fear of failure has over our lives and what we can do about it 
  • The ways insecurity and her ‘friends’ try to make us doubt ourselves 
  • The myth that you have to have it all figured out in order to get started
  • Specific steps you can take the next time, fear, insecurity, perfectionism, or doubt tries to keep you stuck 
If you are ready to put your gifts to use and stop playing small, then make sure to tune into today’s episode for the encouragement you need to move forward today! If this all resonates with you, you’re going to love my new book – be sure to check out the link below to preorder! 

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