EP. 133: Why Purpose is Far More Important than Popularity with Sadie Robertson Huff

Will I ever matter? Will I ever be ENOUGH? Will I ever be loved for me…even the muddy parts of me?
I don’t know about you friends, but questions like these have haunted me for 40 years. 
40 years of unintentionally longing for the approval from others. Striving to be seen. Wanting to be loved. On the fast track to burnout and self doubt. 
Does that sound exhausting to you? (Spoiler alert: it is!)
It’s no wonder many of us feel like we are walking around each day as just a shell of ourselves. A mere skeleton of who we once were. 
Always performing. Always needing to be ‘on’. Always striving for perfection so that we can finally matter. Finally be enough.
“If I can just get to x number of followers.” “If I can just get x number of likes.”

Constantly measuring and comparing with every scroll through social media only to walk away with a greater sense of longing – not fulfillment. 

Well, I’m putting my foot down. 
I have done the research for you (my life, the unintended experiment) and I can tell you, your striving isn’t going to get you anywhere other than a life on a never ending, never satisfying hamster wheel.
Whoa. Just take a minute to let that sink in!
Have you ever run from hard things in your life? Perhaps there is something you are struggling with right this very minute. 
SO! This Valentine’s week it is time that we see ourselves as the worthy daughters of the King that we are! And, it is my sincere hope that you will join me!
If you think that sounds good, just wait until you hear today’s episode with best-selling author, motivational speaker, the sweetheart of A&E’s “Duck Dynasty”, and “Dancing with the Stars” runner up – Sadie Roberston Huff!
I guarantee you are going to walk away encouraged and empowered! 
Sadie is wise beyond her years and totally nails it when she says:

“Jesus does not want you to be another hidden follower in the crowd. Striving just to be enough. You do not have to reach some level of perfection or likability for Jesus to acknowledge you. He loves you with an unending love.”

Let me tell you a secret.
It’s okay to want to be seen and loved! It’s hardwired in us. BUT! It’s where we seek out these things that gets us in trouble.
When we strive for popularity and passion over purpose we will never be content. 
Sadie shares such an enlightening study today about the different areas of our brain and how our pleasure centers actually die when they get overworked. We become numb to the things that once brought us pleasure because we’ve already experienced it. It becomes too familiar.
…versus purpose…
While pleasure can die, purpose keeps you going.
Why Purpose is Far More Important than Popularity with Sadie Robertson Huff
Why Purpose is Far More Important than Popularity with Sadie Robertson Huff
Why Purpose is Far More Important than Popularity with Sadie Robertson Huff
Why Purpose is Far More Important than Popularity with Sadie Robertson Huff
So, how do we find our purpose?
The answer is simpler than you may think. And, it is yours for the taking TODAY.
As Sadie wisely put it,

“Your purpose isn’t waiting on a platform. Your purpose isn’t waiting for you to do something crazy. Your purpose is just to love God and love people wherever you are. And if you do that, there will be fulfillment.”

Similar to “Slow Growth Equals Strong Roots” (hitting shelves in just 2 months!!), Sadie’s latest book “Who Are You Following”, is based on the premise that striving for your worth will never be enough because “arrival” is just a mirage.
Instead, we need to turn to Jesus. 
No matter your stage in life right now, I guarantee that today’s episode will leave you with fresh eyes and a full heart. So! Make sure to tune in as Sadie and I also cover:
  • How to go from being liked to being truly loved
  • The importance of being truly known vs. being seen from the outside
  • The difference between connection and popularity 
  • Stepping into purpose in the face of criticism 
Friends, if you are ready to lean into grace, freedom and purpose over popularity while resting in the knowledge that you are truly loved and known, then today’s episode is NOT to be missed.
You are seen. You are loved. You are enough.
Happy love week!

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