EP. 121: Why You Don’t Need to Do Something Big to be Important With Hosanna Wong

Can ‘background’ characters really make a difference?
Or with the ‘right’ calling, will you finally make that big impact?
Yes…to both, really.
When you’re front and center, you can impact many lives. And yes, when you feel ‘ordinary,’ your actions can touch just as many lives.
But- here is the thing. In the middle of figuring this all out and perhaps feeling you’re too helpless or small to make any sort of difference, let’s not forget the one thing God is most concerned with:

God is more concerned with who we are becoming than what we are doing.

Did you follow that?!
God is more focused on a relationship WITH us than what we are DOING for Him. 
And I’m not sure anyone knows this truth – and truly lives it out – more than my friend, Hosanna Wong. 
Hosanna is an international speaker, bestselling author, and spoken word artist sharing captivating stories of a powerful God with churches, conferences, prisons, & other events around the world. In her new book, How (Not) to Save the World: The Truth About Revealing God’s Love to the People Right Next to You, she takes readers on a journey of inspiration and self-realization through a Biblical perspective.
But this isn’t your normal, ‘self help, things you’ve heard a million times’ type of book. Hosanna’s lens in which she views the world is so unique and counter cultural – that she made me tear up a few times on this episode of the Mary Marantz Show.
Let’s take the story of Peter for example. If you grew up in the church, you’ve probably heard this story dozens of times of how Peter was on the boat, thought he saw Jesus and said ‘Lord, if it’s you, tell me to come on to the water’, Peter began to walk on the water BUT THEN, he started doubting and down Peter went sinking into the water.
At this point, we typically think, ‘Silly, Peter! How do you have such little faith that you couldn’t just keep walking!! You were there WITH Jesus’
But the way Hosanna sees this story is a little different- and my life is forever changed from how she explained it to me.
Hosanna pointed out that Peter was the one who actually had enough faith to walk out in the first place! They didn’t get to experience the feeling of walking on water – even if just for a moment. They didn’t get to experience the moment of Jesus’ embrace after they began sinking. The other disciples simply watched from the sidelines IN the boat. 
And isn’t that what a faith walk is all about? Is putting yourself out there deep enough that you HAVE to need Jesus to rescue you?!

Don’t you want to have clothes that are a little worn, maybe a little wet from sinking in the water, because you went on such an adventure with Jesus?

I don’t know about you – but the answer is a resounding yes from me.
And the best place to start with this adventurous lifestyle?
The people in your own backyard. Your family. The people you encounter everyday. Because as Hosanna says,
‘We will live different public lives when we live different private lives.’ 

So when you are feeling small, unnoticed, and don’t even know where to start changing the world that you feel is full of pain and you’re helpless to make any difference – start right where you are. 

Because God isn’t calling us to the perfect step, He’s calling us to the next step. (Hosanna)

Hosanna and I go into depth about exactly this feeling and tangible action steps – plus a couple other important topics, like:
  • What Hosanna did when she felt small, insignificant, helpless, and less than,
  • What do we do with the feeling that we DON’T want to be unnoticed, and 
  • How we ACTUALLY point people to Jesus
This episode is emotional and inspirational and joy-filled. If you’re ready to start making an impact and living a life of obedience – even in the middle of your ordinary life, this episode is for you.

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