EP. 122: The Everyday Magic of Kindness with Taylor Tippett

Are you ready to feel the magic of life again? You know the feeling – when you were able to find joy in small moments and lend a little kindness to others during your day? 
Some days, that sure feels like a distant memory. But, maybe, just maybe – it’s not quite as far away as it may feel right now.
Further, if you’re anything like me – you probably have a tendency to overcomplicate things from time to time (what I’m really trying to refrain from saying is ‘all the time’ here…)

But, because we’re friends – we lead with honesty. So, the over-complicators – here we are, united. And ready to change!  

Again, if we’re the same, my first thought when I’m ready for a ‘change’ is: What can I do better,  faster, and more extraordinary than before? Because that’s the only way to change, right? 
Thankfully, I dove deeply into this way of thinking with my new friend, Taylor Tippett. And she was discussing with me that the loving solution doesn’t involve overachieving, or winning, or striving at all (and this coming from an Enneagram 3 wing). Taylor is here to give us a blueprint to finding the whimsy in life again on today’s episode of the Mary Marantz Show.
Taylor, known as the flight attendant who leaves encouraging notes on passenger windows, was going through a rough season of life, feeling alone and discouraged, when she had a moment of clarity: everyone needs to know that they are not alone in the midst of their hardships. So, as she sat in the back of a Boeing 737 journaling, she wrote “be kind to yourself” and then hung it on one of the passenger windows. What started as a personal project to uplift others became a viral sensation as she started writing more notes–and #wordsfromthewindowseat was born.
In her latest book, Words from the Window Seat: The Everyday Magic of Kindness, Courage, and Being True To Yourself, Taylor reminds us all that even in the middle of so much darkness and brokenness, it’s possible to make a difference and share your unique light.
One of my favorite parts of our conversation was when Taylor was chatting about how to give yourself a pep talk when you need it most. She was saying how we don’t need to deny our own feelings and bring to mind some type of cliche quote floating around that we don’t actually believe about ourselves yet.

Because, let’s be honest, that doesn’t really make us feel better does it?

Taylor eloquently chatted through the importance of authenticity to OURSELVES – which involves a level of knowing yourself, too. So rather than scrolling Instagram for a quick fix of a quote that doesn’t actually resonate – YOU’RE in the driver seat to know what you need to validate your feelings and begin the healing process.

What I also found important about that part of the conversation is that we have within ourselves the ability to soothe our own pain and hurt in the times when we need it most. Of course this doesn’t mean *not* relying on others, but I do believe it helps to give the power back to ourselves.

Because we have the ability to choose what we do with our pain – even when we can’t always see it. 

In this vulnerable conversation, Taylor transparently shares her personal journey, including:
  • Breaking off an unhealthy relationship, and acknowledging the unhealth of her own, personal patterns,
  • The trauma in her childhood and how she copes with that now, and
  • What it means to sit with your younger self to step into the fullness of who you were made to be,
We also chat about:
  • How to recognize the magic of small moments and the power of everyday kindness, 
  • The balance of getting better but also not beating yourself up in the process, and
  • How to create a pep talk for yourself when you don’t ‘win’ – because it’s okay to be human
This uplifting conversation is here to bring a sense of lightness to your day, while also acknowledging the truth of what you’re going through. Friend, it’s not always easy, but we are so grateful you’re here.

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