EP. 123: 8 Paradoxes Of Great Leadership with Dr. Tim Elmore

There’s something that some of the world’s greatest leaders need you to know! 
“Our confidence makes our leadership believable. Our humility makes our confidence believable.”
These are the wise words of founder and CEO of Growing Leaders and author of the new book, The Eight Paradoxes of Great Leadership, Dr Tim Elmore.
Tim has worked on the leadership team with John Maxwell for over 20 years, has appeared on CNN and FOX & Friends, and taught leadership to Delta Global Services, Chick-fil-A, Inc., and The Home Depot – so he definitely knows a thing or two about strong, kind-hearted leaders.
What is so powerful about Tim’s teaching is that he believes the approach to great leadership isn’t a THIS or THAT perspective, it’s a BOTH AND framework. 

You see, many of us were brought up that we had to have ALL the answers and an abundance of confidence to become a truly magnetic leader.

Tim believes differently.
While yes, you need to have a level of confidence for people to believe in you – and you also need HUMILITY for others to believe in your confidence.
Think about it: How did you feel the last time your boss or superior or someone you really respect truly came to you for YOUR advice on a matter? I bet pretty good. 
It takes a level of humility to ASK for the input of others when leading a group or desiring to be seen as an expert. But this is the KEY for others to jump on board alongside you to meet the common goal.
Here’s an amazing metaphor Tim speaks about in this episode: The Elephant and the Rider Metaphor.
Here’s how it goes.

Within each of us, there is an Elephant and a Rider on top of the Elephant. The Rider on the Elephant is our logical thinking. The Elephant is everything else, including our feelings and subconscious! 

BUT! When that Elephant is in motion, the Elephant will take the Rider wherever it wants to go. Our feelings and subconscious are then the main driving force in our lives – but we aren’t even aware of it! As a result, we retroactively rationalize our actions to ourselves by saying ‘oh, well that’s where I wanted to go anyway!”

Our lifestyle and decisions then become separate from our intention – and it’s hard to identify where things turned a little wonky!

In this example, knowing how to manage the Rider and the Elephant is the key to great leadership.

You have intention in your decisions and awareness of your feelings.

For more amazing metaphors and tangible leadership skills, tune in today’s episode of the Mary Marantz Show with Dr. Tim Elmore! 
The pair also dive into the nitty gritty of: 
  • What exactly is EQ and can you learn to have more of it (or is it only a natural born gift)
  • How to trust your gut, but also remain teachable from respected voices
  • Holding your vision, but not overly educating yourself because your ‘weakness’ or ‘lack of experience’ might just be the thing that takes you to the next level
  • The essential balance of these TWO traits to make you an effective leader
Even if you are not in a position of leadership, you have the ability to access these leadership skills to influence (for the better) those around you.

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