EP. 124: How to Choose Cozy Not Perfection with Liz Marie Galvan

Fall has arrived here in Connecticut! 
The leaves are changing their beautiful colors. The air is cooling off from the warmth of summer. And, you can practically smell the pumpkin spice, cinnamon, and mulled cider scents of fall in the air. 
It’s as if the world outside is resetting. 
Quite honestly, I feel like I could use a reset too! Starting with the space around me!
I’ve always felt like home should be a safe haven when the world outside gets hard. A tranquil place to retreat. A cozy place to do life with those who matter most. 

Here’s the problem. It can be overwhelming! 

“Where to start?” “What to do?” “How to begin?” I mean, by the time it’s all figured out in my head, I’m almost too exhausted to actually execute!
How about YOU? 
Do you long to create a space this holiday season that surrounds you with warmth, love, and comfort? 

What if I told you that you could make this happen without the overwhelm?!  Without the pressure of perfection?! Would you be in?

If that sounds as good to you as it does to me, then you are in luck today!
I am over the moon excited to share with you my conversation with Liz Marie Galvan! Yes, THE Liz Marie of the Cozy Cottage Style blog! The queen of DIY home decor and making cozy spaces. 
And today, she is all yours!
I couldn’t agree with Liz more when she said, “Cozy is about transforming our own little corner of the world into a private refuge – not a place of perfection, but a place of peace.

Yes! Sign me up for All. Of. That.

The question is, but how?
According to Liz, perfection is not the goal. Instead we should design and decorate with the following mantras in mind:
  • Imperfections make a home cozy –  That sofa with a mark on it? It has a story behind it. That pillow that looks worn? Well, it’s seen generations of love. That faded throw blanket? It’s been used to cure many tears. Perfection is not cozy, but loving memories are.


  •  Be unapologetically you – It is SO easy to fall into the ‘trend trap’. Liz and I both share stories of our own struggles in this department. But! The KEY to a cozy home is creating a space for YOU and your family! It will never feel full of warmth and love if you are creating a space for someone else. 


  • Tap into the 5 senses of each season – Creating the ideal space is about so much more than what you just see with your eyes. Think about it. When you walk away from someone’s home (especially around the holidays) what do you remember?… The smells in the air (hot cider on the stove at Thanksgiving or the scent of fresh pine needles at Christmas). The way it felt as you snuggled up on the sofa under a soft blanket and told stories. The taste of that overdue, bold fall wine shared between friends. The sounds of the season that filled the walls of the home. 

Friends, creating a home for you and your loved ones is about so much more than filling your rooms with “stuff.”

If you are nodding your head along with me, you are going to love the rest of our conversation where we:
  • Go beyond the surface of interior design and talk about the meaning and importance of having a cozy space
  • Open up and vulnerably share our personal childhood stories and what a safe, cozy home means to us
  • Discuss the importance of creating lasting traditions
  • Dive into practical tips to set up your own home leading into the holidays
Trust me when I say this episode is not to be missed!
If you are ready to create a space to snuggle up and stretch out so you can focus on what matters most during this holiday season, then make sure to tune into today’s beautiful episode! 
I can’t wait to hear what tips and tricks you put into practice this fall and winter season!

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