EP. 125: 4 Steps to Resolve Conflicts with Ashley Abercrombie

It’s time to have those hard conversations you’re avoiding – with dignity, grace, and connection.
Sound too good to be true?

It’s probably because we believe the lie that it’s too difficult to engage with others and staying true to our convictions comes with too high of a cost.

The consistently chosen path to avoid hard conversations isn’t ‘keeping the peace’ like we feel it might be – it’s pulling us further from true connection to one another. 
It’s time to be given new tools and resources so we aren’t living that lie any more! 

You CAN reconnect with the humans around you again – without the dread and without simply ‘giving in.’

And today’s guest on the Mary Marantz Show is here to show you exactly how! 
Ashley Abercrombie, is speaking on how to resolve the conflicts you’ve been avoiding – even when it feels impossible. 

In her new book, Love is the Resistance, Ashley challenges us to dig into our deeply-rooted opinions and reevaluate if we are glorifying Christ through our actions.

And she’s here to share all the insights that went into this guidebook to life on hard discussions.

What I love about Ashley is how practical she is on these hard topics. For example, she breaks down how to approach a difficult conversation into 4 steps.
  1. Pray before reacting (seems simple, but do we ACTUALLY do this?)
  2. Ask yourself: What would it look like to have an attitude of curiosity 
  3. Avoid crosstalk (and what exactly crosstalk is)
Tune in for a deep dive on these items, along with the last and final step! 
Additionally, we are chatting about: 
  • How to be an example of patience and disagreeing with dignity
  • The scripture ‘You prepare a table before me in the presence of my enemies’ and their interpretations
  • The tangible language swaps to love – even the hard people – well
  • About how we lead with love when there isn’t a relationship previously established (ahem, social media comments!)
  • The different ‘buckets of concern’ that help keep your heart soft for causes you care about, without feeling helpless from the ‘bigness’ of the need
It’s time to reclaim your relationships and stop fearing the hard conversations – while also not watering down your opinions! You can do this, friend.

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