EP. 126: How to Find Your Voice & Run Your Business with Ashlyn Carter

There’s nothing more frustrating and deflating than KNOWING you have an impactful message to share – but feeling as if your words fall flat or don’t connect once you put them out into the world.
If you’re feeling this way today – hear me when I say – you’re not alone!

I wish I could put your face in my hands and remind you today:


This truth is hard to remember when the world (ahem: Instagram) seems to reward the easy to read, easy to share quotables that don’t really require us to dig deeper or do the heart work to make a change.
And this is the exact reason why I brought on my friend, brilliant copywriter, and super successful entrepreneur, Ashlyn Carter, on the podcast today.
Ashlyn is the premier expert for copywriting for creative entrepreneurs. She’s the founder and CEO at Ashlyn Writes®, a copywriting business and marketing curriculum source for creatives. 90+ 1:1 clients, 5,000+ students, and 7-figures in revenue later, she’s pinpointed what it is that helps lock in half-a-million dollar launches for digital marketing campaigns.
And she’s here to help us (myself included!) find our brand voice and put our businesses on the path to change lives. 
Here’s the thing about Ashlyn: 
She is equal parts HEART driven and STRATEGY driven. And this episode is no different. She’ll pack a punch on your heart strings while also handing over her elite, copywriting strategies.
One of my favorite and tangible parts of this episode was when she explained her exercise of COPY BANKING.
Essentially, copy banking is when you create a copy collage kit of words that make you smile and engage. As you start to notice how other’s words make you feel, you’ll begin to pick up phrases from anywhere! A meme account, a book, a sermon, wherever! You’ll be surprised when a word or message delights you. 
As a result, when you sit down to write a caption, your message will pull from your knowledge, and your style from your copy bank! 

You’ll be equipped from your expertise, and also relatable from your brand voice.

 In this episode, we are also covering:

  • How to serve your audience really well through your email and website
  • What’s probably wrong on your about page on your website
  • The 3 T’s of voice to connect the dots between your content and your ideal client 
  • How to put your business on the path to change lives 
  • What copy banking is and how it will save you so much time!
If you’re ready to sound like yourself, show up confidently, and attract raving fans to your brand – turn this episode all the way up and get out your notebook!

More From This Episode: 

Connect with Ashlyn on Instagram and be sure to check out her email copy and content writing templates on her website here!  

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