EP. 127: What To Do When God’s Promises Feel Out of Reach with Yvonne Orji

Have you ever felt a dream deposited into your heart that you KNOW God hand made and presented to you – but you aren’t seeing even an ounce of that dream come to fruition? 

I know I have.
Whether it was business goals or personal milestones, I’ve felt forgotten, betrayed and duped at times. 

Why is God giving me these dreams and this hope in what feels like the most hopeless situation?

I had a conversation about this exact thing with my new friend, Yvonne Orji. And boy – just let me tell you – buckle up for this one. 
Yvonne is a stand-up comic and actress, best known as Issa Rae’s BFF on the HBO series, Insecure. But before this – Yvonne found herself in a situation where she had less than $8 to her name, despite holding a master’s degree.
In her new book, Bamboozled by Jesus, Yvonne hilariously exposes the trials and victories she has experienced on the way to the life of her dreams. And let me just tell you, things didn’t exactly go according to plan along the way.
During this conversation, there was a statement Yvonne made that truly struck me to my core and one I’ve been pondering “Every lesson unlearned is a lesson repeated. But sometimes, it’s NOT the same thing. We can think we are going through the same thing –  it looks familiar, but WHO you are in it is different.

Will you learn this lesson as the new version of you?”

And boy did that stop me in my tracks. Yvonne is hilarious – but I was so delightfully surprised as I was making my way through her book that she is also so wise and thought-provoking.
We are constantly learning and refining ourselves, but do we take enough time to slow down and truly evaluate who we are showing up as in what may feel like a similar situation? As a result, I believe this allows space for so much grace and growth and gratitude – especially in a situation that may feel unending. 
After listening, I encourage you to borrow some of Yvonne’s bravery and resilience – and maybe even a touch of her humor – to persevere through those dark hours.
Tune in to also hear us chat about:
  • Why being bamboozled by God is sometimes the most loving thing He can do 
  • Why every lesson unlearned is a lesson repeated
  • What it means to really have a friendship with God – and not just the fluffy sentiment and idea of this
  • How to return to the truth that God’s timing is true to His promises
  • What exactly to do when it feels like God is giving you hope in a position of hopelessness
Whatever greatness, whatever joy we may hope for, Yvonne is here to tell us that God has something even bigger and better in store for us – if we can just trust Him and be open to having our minds blown by His goodness, His creativity, and His knack for surprises.

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