EP. 119: Biblical Principles to Overcome Overwhelm with Jordan Raynor

This is your ONE, precious life. 
Do you feel like your life, your time, is actually YOURS?
Or do you mostly feel pulled in a million directions and distracted from doing the DEEP work of calling on your life? 
I don’t know about you – but I could really use a guidebook to remain present and productive in this digitally distracted world.
Thankfully, my friend, Jordan Raynor, read my mind and wrote a book on exactly this topic. 
Jordan’s perspective on time management is shaped by the Gospel and as he says in his book, Redeeming Your Time, “the Gospel is our ultimate source of both ambition and rest,” and that truth has tremendous applications for how we redeem our time. In the last five years alone, Jordan has built two businesses that have created more than 100 jobs, signed 7 book deals, and helped millions of Christians in every country connect the gospel to their work.
So, I’d say he knows a thing or two about productivity.
In addition to desiring presence of mind, I feel like I’ve been holding this tension recently between work and rest.

I know it’s important to rest, but how does that hold up in relation to pursuing work with excellence?

Well, Jordan and I sit in this tension until we mine out some gold in today’s episode on the Mary Marantz Show.
Jordan is sharing the exact blueprint of how to sift through all those open loops in your mind keeping you distracted and how to truly begin doing the good work that God has prepared for us in advance.
One of my favorite things he chatted about was the Zeigarnik effect. Essentially, this effect states that people remember unfinished tasks better than completed tasks. As a result, we keep rehearsing the to dos in our head, causing a lot of anxiety because we are afraid we’ll forget to complete this action and drop the ball altogether. 
Jordan’s solution to this was surprisingly simple (don’t you just love when that happens?)
He said that you don’t actually have to close the open loop to get it off your brain – you just have to store them in a trusted external system. Jordan calls this a commitment tracking system.

Keeping a tracked system alleviates our anxiety and stress because we have a comprehensive, trusted place that ensures we will follow through on our word.  

And you know what happens when we follow through on our word? Others trust us more.

And as my friend Kim Butler says, trust leads to opportunity. Be faithful in the small things because that leads to our reputation. 

Now if that’s not a WORD, I don’t know what is!

In this episode, Jordan and I also chat about: 

  • While we were saved BY faith, we are also called to do good works! We should care deeply about redeeming our time in whatever field God is calling us to.
  • The real reason why it’s important to redeem our time (hint: it’s not for our success)
  • How to make our yes an actual yes, and how to clear space if need to make a yes a no in the interim
  • Tangible tips to eliminate the constant noise in today’s culture

Friend, if you feel like your days are not your own, but you’re so ready to start on the deep, legacy leaving work you know you were called to, today’s episode will be refreshing to your overwhelmed soul.

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