EP. 118: How Your Small Yes Can Turn Into Big Impact With Natalie Grant

Do you ever feel a bit less than when you are witnessing the external success and achievements of others around you? Especially when you are going through a season of trial? Whether it’s someone you know on social media or someone you look up to on a stage – it seems like everyone’s achievements are out in the open more than ever. 

In that moment – it can be easy to internalize the lie that unless we are SEEN we are not VALUABLE.

Phew. Even if we know in our HEADS that’s not true, believing it in our HEARTS and living that out is a whole, different story.
While you can’t always choose the stages you’re on or the trials you go through, my guest on the Mary Marantz Show today is here to show you something much more powerful.
Natalie Grant is an Eight-time GRAMMY® nominee and Five-time GMA Dove Awards Female Vocalist of the Year, and has become an icon in Christian & Gospel music. In addition to garnering more than 500 million streams and multiple number #1 albums and singles on the Billboard Charts, she is also a respected author and philanthropist – with her first book releasing, Dare to Be: God is Able. Are You Willing? just last month. 
In today’s episode, Natalie speaks openly about experiencing life’s high highs and low lows simultaneously. 
Consequently, I think we believe that life is like a roller coaster, where a high is then followed by a low – and then repeat. But more often than not, life is more of a bungee cord, BOTH AND circumstance. Where the highs and lows overlap and happen in parallel.
Natalie covers how she experiences this and how she consistently leans in to hear God’s voice – at all times. Because it’s not a question of whether He is speaking, it’s a question of are we listening? 
Something that really stood out to me that Natalie said was:
“God knew that if we stayed in the mountain top moment, we’d start to think life is all about us. That’s why he takes us to the storm.”

There are things he can do with us in the middle of the storm that no mountain top moment will ever give us. 

And boy was that timely for me.
Because how uncomfortable does it feel when we are having a mountaintop moment where things are moving and grooving and we are hitting those goals – but then that turns into a pause moment – where not quite as much is ‘happening.’ That pause moment typically feels more like failure than rest. 
But, in all of Natalie’s wisdom, she reminds us that while it’s easy for others to look at the big ‘ta-da’ moments – there are multiple, incredibly important small moments of obedience that lead you there. THOSE are the moments that matter.
In this episode, we also cover:
  • The AMAZING story of how Natalie met her conference/movement co-founder Charlotte – in what feels like a once in a lifetime overlap of stories
  • How to not panic when you hear God say Pause or Pivot
  • The lessons we learn when our usual is challenged by God’s unusual
  • The life changing perspective shift to adopt when in a season of desperation
Friend, whether you’re in a mountaintop or a valley moment – God SEES you. He cares more about who you are becoming than what you are achieving. And there is so much peace in that.
Tune in to this amazing episode and see what happens when you say YES to when God says I DARE YOU.

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