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What comes up in your Spirit when you read the following words? Confidence. Insecurity. The Opinions of Others. How can we stand in the confidence that God is good and Holy and perfect and that he LOVES us, and yet struggle…

EP. 151: How to Stand in Confidence with Amanda Pittman

Hey you, yes – YOU. Lean in really closely for this one. I want to remind you of something: You know and are known by a God that PROVIDES. Now I know there are days you feel weary. Yes, there are seasons you feel unseen.

EP. 150: The God of the Way with Kathie Lee Gifford

Do you often feel lonely, unfulfilled, or disconnected? Perhaps you’ve wondered how in an age with unprecedented access to mobility, something can still be missing from your life. If you have ever felt the ache of fulfillment, friendship, or fruitfulness then today’s episode is for you!

EP. 149: The Case for Planting Deep Roots with Daniel Grothe

Do you feel an underlying anxiety that you’re missing out on the ‘good life.’ Do you zone out, swipe up, slim down, work hard, and spin in circles trying to achieve it? If you could use a new sense of hope, then today’s message

EP. 148: How To Pay Attention To What Matters Most with Anjuli Paschall

Do you carry around regret, hurt, or fear? Perhaps you feel so weighed down by these burdens that you sometimes feel trapped. If you can relate, rest assured that today’s episode will show you how these very same burdens can help unlock God’s healing work in your life.

EP. 147: Beautiful People Don’t Just Happen with Scott Sauls

Imagine you are looking through the lens of a camera. Sharpen your focus on what is right in front of you-  the present, the right here, right now – and let the background noise just fade into the distance.  

EP. 146: How To Embrace Being Present with Jeanne Stevens

Does everything in life seem more emotionally charged to you lately? Friendships? Social media? News channels? Relationships? I get it – I’ve been feeling it, too. No matter your political stance, it is undeniable that we are living in a time of heightened  division which feels to be at the forefront of most conversations.

EP. 145: Curiosity Over Conflict with Sarah Stewart Holland and Beth Silvers

Today is a day of celebration, and for once I am so ready to SAVOR it! And! I’m so glad that you are here to join me because today’s episode is a special one! My dear friend, Jennifer Dukes Lee is here and we are turning the tables! That’s right – it’s my turn to be the guest on my own show while Jennifer interviews me!

EP. 144: It’s Launch Day – Slow Growth Equals Strong Roots Is Here!

What happens after death? Arguably, this is a question that everyone has contemplated no matter their belief or religion. If you have ever wondered about the evidence for life after death then today’s episode is for you.

EP. 143: How Striving Keeps Us From a Life of Purpose with Lee Strobel

Do you wish that your life would change for the better–to become the healthiest version of yourself in spirit, soul, and body? Perhaps even though that is what you long for, the thought of getting to that version of yourself is just too overwhelming. And so, you struggle. If you can relate, then today’s episode is for you!

EP. 142: How to Unclutter Your Soul and Find Peace with Trina McNeilly


Let's find out!


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