EP. 148: How To Pay Attention To What Matters Most with Anjuli Paschall

Friends, everyday the sun rises in the morning and the sun sets in the evening.
Another day comes, another day goes.
Sure, you are living IN this life. BUT. Are you connected to it… or, are you chasing it?
Chasing the elusive “good life.” The life in the distance.
(Such an eye-opening question for sure!)
I’ve been thinking about that a lot recently. This idea of life passing by…of legacy…of regret…of not missing out.
How about you? Do you ever have an underlying anxiety that you’re missing out on the ‘good life?’
I would imagine that we all struggle with this to some degree.

Quite honestly though, it requires a very vulnerable (and sometimes uncomfortable) look at yourself to admit it… nonetheless find the courage to write an entire book about it for the world to read!

BUT! With immense bravery that is exactly what my friend (Ajuli Paschall) just did. And wow- is it GOOD!
So good, in fact, that it brought me to tears.
I shared in an episode with Jeannie Stevens recently, a vivid memory from 2009 (13 years ago!) when I was teaching at a workshop.
During the workshop, I gave a talk and remember telling the class that I longed to be fully present. Longed to be the person who savored the aroma of fresh basil, whose taste buds awakened at the first bite of garlic, someone who felt the sun on their skin as a warm, familiar hug…for all intents and purposes, I longed to be fully awake, to be fully alive.
For at least 13 years, this has been a priority of mine. And for all 13 years, there’s just always been this inability to fully surrender, let go, and be in the present moment.

Looking back on this memory and the years that have followed, I have never been able to understand that ache within me and why it was so important to me… until now.

When I read Anjuli’s latest book, “Awake,” my eyes were instantly opened (albeit filled with tears). I even got choked up sharing my revelation with Anjuli on today’s episode!
So, if you are like me and struggle to live a soul-awake life, trust me when I say that you do not want to miss our conversation today about “Awake.”
Anjuli and I dive into all of the goodness that is her new book, and the practical ways its pages encourage you to awaken to the actual, beautiful life in front of you.
Yes, friends – the life in FRONT of you. Not the elusive ‘good life’ that you think you’ve been running after. (You know, the life that you have been chasing while your actual life is passing you by.)
So, how do you tap into this? Ajuli says that the key is to:
Stop chasing after life, and start receiving life.
The time is now, friends.
If that sounds like something you are ready for, but you are asking yourself ‘how?’ – rest assured that you are in good hands. Anjuli covers it ALL in today’s episode as we also tackle: 
  • How to experience God by being fully awake through your senses
  • Why we feel we need to sleepwalk through life just to be safe and what to do about it
  • Where the ‘good life’ is and why we don’t have to chase it
  • The difference between transparency and vulnerability
  • What it means to become fully alive and connected in the thin spaces
I will leave you with this thought-provoking question from Anjuli:
“What if living life to the fullest wasn’t about what we do on the outside, but a beautiful soul-captivating risky adventure to discover the loving presence of God on the inside?”
So, are you ready to breathe in, breathe out, and experience the full life that is right in front of you? Good, me too!
I can’t wait to hear your thoughts on today’s episode!

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