EP. 147: Beautiful People Don’t Just Happen with Scott Sauls

Friends, I took an amazing trip to Dallas recently! It was meant for work, but my best friend Erin joined me and we made an awesome girls trip out of it – zero regrets!
While there, it only made sense to visit Magnolia in all its glory. (Again – highly recommend!) 
But! The reason I bring this up is because I was struck by a sign that I saw.
It read: “The good ol’ days are still to come.”
And.., it got me thinking.
So often, the phrase “good ol’ days” is used in reference to the past. Usually with a bow of nostalgia tightly wrapped around it, so that things of life that have beat us down cannot destroy our sacred memories.
Rarely … (and actually this may be the first time I’ve seen it)… is it associated with a longing for a time to come. A hope for the future. 
Talk about a mindset shift! 
In fact, today’s guest, Scott Sauls, would argue that it is a very important mindset shift at that!
He says:

“Our best life is always in the future. Especially for those of us who belong to Christ and have the promises of what’s yet to come.”

Wow. What an encouraging word!
Do you feel trapped down by your circumstances right now? (If so, you are definitely not alone.)
Maybe the burdens of regret, hurt, or fear are so heavy on your shoulders that you feel weighed down with every step you take.
Well, take heart, because I have good news. 
Today, Scott offers up an alternative for us….
Rather than feel locked down by life’s burdens, we can use life’s burdens to unlock God’s healing.
(Mic. Drop.)
Yes, friend… it IS possible. And yes, friend… it IS life changing.
The best part about today’s conversation? Scott’s authenticity! 
Scott’s message is not coming from a life untouched by challenges. But rather, he is drawing on experience from his own seasons of regret, hurt, and fear—including battles with anxiety and depression. (Not even pastors are exempt from challenging circumstances.)

So, are you ready for a field guide that can help you navigate this life on this side of Heaven? 

Good! Then make sure to tune in today as Scott lays it out for you!
We also dive into Scott’s new book – “Beautiful People Don’t Just Happen” – as we tackle:
  • Why the defining feeling of faith is not strength but dependent weakness
  • The freedom that comes with realizing that you are not enough
  • The importance of recognizing that there is more to life than achieving 
  • Ways to hear God’s divine voice over the accuser’s shaming
  • How our personal experiences equip us to show up for other people
Friend’s this episode is a game changer!
If you are ready to find freedom, healing, and joy even in the most difficult of circumstances…if you dare to embrace the contentment, hope, and fullness God wants for you…then make sure to not miss a minute of today’s powerful episode!

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