EP. 142: How to Unclutter Your Soul and Find Peace with Trina McNeilly

We are halfway through April! 
I can hear the birds chirping songs of praise. I see flowers beginning to bloom as the cold ground of winter is thawing under the sun’s loving warmth. And, kids and adults alike are waking from a winter hibernation indoors to experience all that life has to offer outside of their four walls again. 
If you live in a region that experiences all four seasons, then you probably agree that the changeover from winter to spring just seems good for the soul. 
It is no wonder then that a natural extension of moving into this season is more motivation, more activity, and of course … the annual ritual of spring cleaning. 
That time of the year when you feel the urge to declutter your home. To cautiously sweep under the accent chair in your living room that hasn’t been moved in a year. Bravely peek under the sofa cushions in your family room to see what has been accidentally collected from all of the winter “Netflix” popcorn nights. A clean slate for a new, vibrant season.
But, what about your living-home, friend?
Yes, I am talking about your heart and soul. 

When was the last time you took inventory of your personal being and carefully examined what needs to be decluttered. What needs to be cleansed. What needs to be made new in your life today?

Well, today’s guest, Trina McNeilly, is here today to talk about just that!
In her new book, “Unclutter Your Soul”, she graciously helps readers to sort through our mental and emotional clutter to help bring order and peace to our inner lives.
(Do you love the sound of that?! Me too!)
With the Holy Spirit as our guide, Trina says we can learn to do three life-changing things to arrive at that place.

The first being “Observe” – acknowledge the mental clutter in your life that is weighing you down. Just like slow growth equals strong roots, lasting change takes a slow, committed effort. 

In fact, Trina says: “Paying attention precedes change, and stillness is a super boost to movement.”
You have to take the time to really see what is there and sort through it. If you don’t, anything you do after that is irrelevant. 
If you are overwhelmed, with loss this episode is for you.
If you are overcome with fear, this episode is for you.
If you are paralyzed by unhealthy coping mechanisms, crippling
depression, or anxiety- then yes, this episode is for you. 
Friends, if you think cleaning out your closets makes you feel better, then you will not believe how transformative the uncluttering of your soul can be! 
Make sure to tune in today as Trina goes into detail about her other two life-changing steps to finding internal peace AND as we also dive into:
  • How to address the “clutter” that we keep on the inside, and how it affects our everyday lives 
  • Ways that our souls send SOS signals and what do about them
  • What it means to be on a soul pilgrimage 
  • The difference between the renewing of your spirit vs the renewing of your soul
  • The 4 types of shame and how to break their cycle in your life
If you are ready to find freedom in your everyday life by releasing limited mindsets and creating more space for peace and joy, then today’s episode is a must-listen!
I can’t wait to hear what you think!

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