EP. 138: How to Let Go of Perfect with Evie Rupp and Lindsey Roman


Where are your eyes today?  
Are you focused on how you can best show up no matter your circumstances? (Even if that means showing up from your mother’s closet?! Don’t worry, you’ll get the joke as soon as you tune in!)
Or, are you worried about… failure, perception, perfection?
If you answered the later, then I’m going to let you in on a little secret. 

Your eyes are likely off of the Father and focused solely on you.

Yes, I know that this can sound harsh, but this NOT coming from a place of judgment!
If you can relate at all, just  know that I am right there with you in a season of struggling to strike that balance and find that peace myself!
And because of the season that I am walking in, it really hit home with me when today’s guests – the founders of The Heart University and the hosts of the Heart & Hustle podcast – confidently said that we will never find peace or freedom in our hearts if our eyes are off of the Lord. 
Mic. Drop!
(Actually, Lindsey and Evie had a lot of “mic drop” moments today!)
From laughing to crying, from deep to practical, we really get into it today as we tackle all things perfectionism and showing up. 
So let me ask you – what is preventing you from showing up today? What is stopping you from taking one step forward into your own path of slow growth?

Maybe you fear not being “good enough”. Perhaps you have imposter syndrome written all over you. 

For me personally, I’m my own biggest obstacle. I often catch myself making assumptions about what will happen. And, if I’m not careful, this self-destructive path leads me to talking myself out of something before even trying it. Posting it. Going with it. 
We ALL have to fight against the enemy’s lies that no one cares, that we aren’t good enough, that we are imposters. 
The truth is, it is so easy to get overwhelmed and bogged down in our own minds before we even give ourselves the chance to show up to the rest of the world.

But! The key is: to embrace who God has divinely called you to be. Holding yourself back is never the answer. 
(Yes, another mic drop! And trust me, there’s more!)
So! Are you ready to show up but are feeling disconnected from God? The true CEO of your life and business. Evie and Lindsey nailed it with their advice today:
  1. Get back in the word and make quiet time a priority. (You are going to love the imagery they share about climbing up to the Father’s throne)
  2. Logistically and practically on the business side, scale back your priorities. Figure out  what can you do to simplify and understand where your vision shifted from the Lord’s vision
These girls are GOOD!
So, are you ready to show up instead of shrink back? 
Good! Then you are going to love today’s episode where we dive into all things perfectionism and the things that hold us back from showing up. Specifically, we tackle:
  • Why you need to run a business through a Biblical view and the red flags to be aware of
  • What it means to operate in your ‘zone of genius’ and how to find it
  • How to strategically use social media authentically for your brand
  • Ways to let go perfection and guilt and embrace showing up
  • The importance of beating down the lie that rest is unproductive 
Buckle up, friends. Today is a good one!
If you are ready to show up with purpose, let go of perfection, and believe that you have a story that matters, you will not want to miss today’s must-listen episode!
How are you going to show up today? I can’t wait to hear!
Check out The Heart University here!

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