EP. 136: On Growing Slow with Shay and Graham Cochrane

Let me ask you a question. Have you ever thought about using your unique skill sets, talents, or passions to start a business? To be your own boss?

When you begin to go down that path, are you bombarded with limiting beliefs to the tune of:

“How can I build and grow a business that actually gives me not just income but freedom and flexibility?” “Do I even have enough hours in the day to get my business idea off the ground?” “It’s probably all been done before.”

If this sounds all too familiar, then keep reading!

Here’s the thing…I think we’ve been told a lie, friends. One that is so deeply ingrained as the social norm that it doesn’t even raise red flags anymore.

Ready for it?

The number of hours you put into your business shapes how seriously you take your business.


I’m so curious how many responded with a “Well, duh. That makes sense! ” OR how many instantly responded with a “No way! Totally false!”

To be honest, I think I fall into the former “well, duh” category. And truly it’s no wonder, because that is what we have been taught to believe for so long! 

In this never ending hustle culture, if you aren’t hustling then you aren’t serious. If you aren’t hustling then you definitely aren’t achieving. And, if you aren’t hustling then you are for sure saying no to success.

Wrong. Wrong. And, wrong. 

These lies stop here. TODAY. And I am SO excited to champion the debunking!

Why am I so adamant about this?! For two reasons:

  1. Believing and feeding into these myths doesn’t serve anyone
  2. Today’s guests are living proof that the set number of hours you have to work on something does not equate to how successful that thing becomes

On today’s episode I am joined by the dynamic husband and wife duo – Graham and Shay Cochrane. 

Shay is the founder of Social Squares and Graham the founder of The Recording Revolution (plus multiple online academies), so trust me when I say that this duo knows a thing or two about business.

I think your mind is going to be blown by this next statement… Shay founded Social Squares by only working 16 hours a week! And even today, she still continues to only put in a 16 hour work week. 

Talk about a Slow Growth Equals Strong Roots example! In fact, Shay says:

When you’re building slow and steady, you’re putting in deep roots… and that does create a business that has more resilience.” 

Speaking from experience, I couldn’t agree more!

But here’s the thing. For us achiever-types out there, we are probably our own biggest obstacle to realizing the freedom that Shay experiences and that naturally comes with a limited work-week. So what do we do about it?

We need to differentiate between limiting beliefs that keep us stuck and setting limits to break us free. Boundaries force us to carefully and strategically evaluate where we need to spend our time.

So. Good. I can’t wait for you to hear Shay’s full story on today’s episode as she shares her heart and the impetus behind her 16 hour work week! (Make sure to tune in through the end of the episode because Shay has a special offer for our community!)

And! That is just the tip of the iceberg! 

Because today we also dive into Graham’s new book, “How To Get Paid For What You Know: Turning Your Knowledge, Passion, and Experience into an Online Income Stream in Your Spare Time.”

Graham has personally done just that! And, I have to say, his story is just as inspiring as Shay’s.

Seriously, the most humble power couple you could talk to. 

Even though their entrepreneurial careers look different, Shay and Graham share the same fundamental beliefs as it relates to success in both business and life:

  • Give value before you get value

  • Trade in achieving for your worth for serving others

You are going to LOVE our conversation as we also tackle all things related to achieving for your worth, building a business, and what success looks like (some of which will surprise you!). Specifically:

  • What it means to have a business based around giving 
  • The difference between limiting beliefs and strategic limits for success 
  • The importance of giving value before you get value
  • How to differentiate between the sustainable long game or the path to short-lived success

Friends, if you are ready to create better stability and find more fulfillment in your work and life, then this episode is for you!

I can’t wait to hear what part of our conversation YOU find most inspiring! Let me know! 

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