EP. 145: Curiosity Over Conflict with Sarah Stewart Holland and Beth Silvers

Does everything in life seem more emotionally charged to you lately? 
Friendships? Social media? News channels? Relationships?
I get it – I’ve been feeling it, too. 
No matter your political stance, it is undeniable that we are living in a time of heightened  division which feels to be at the forefront of most conversations. The daily impact results in making true connection with others (especially those who may not view the world through the same exact lens as you) SO difficult to find!
If you’ve been feeling frustrated and lonely, know that you are not alone, friend.
If, like me, you are tired of the anxiety, frustration, and fear that pervade your connections with other people, keep reading because you are in good company today!
Today I am joined by co-hosts of the wildly popular “Pantsuit Politics” podcast – Sarah Stewart Holland and Beth Silvers – who are known for their belief in the transformative power of hard conversation by focusing on solutions, vision, and commonality.  
Their motto?

Grace-filled dialogue changes everything.

(Yes! There is so much I LOVE about this!)
I think one of the most fascinating topics that Sarah and Beth discuss today is this idea of generational experiences and mirrored relationships between parents and children.
Think about it for a minute.
Each generation goes through life-changing world experiences which shape our realities, perceptions, and actions for years to come. 
For example, today we talk about my Grandma Goldie and how the Great Depression influenced her actions, we talk about my dad watching the launch of Sputnik and how that influenced his worldviews, we talk about 9/11 and how that shaped and influenced the generation who watched the Towers fall vs. the generation who is is learning about this event in history books. 
The bottom line: there is an inherent difference in experiencing something first-hand vs. hearing or learning about it second-hand…and that is okay! 
What is not okay, is the judgment that can form because of difference in experiences or a difference in opinions. A judgment so deeply rooted that it can unnecessarily cause rifts in friendships and families.

So, what can you do today to bridge the gap? To be the peacemaker within your sphere regardless of opposing or similar beliefs?

Ask open ended questions – try to really understand where the other person is coming from and what is shaping and forming their opinion.
Sarah and Beth say: Sometimes the most fascinating human stories are how people got to a place that you truly can’t understand.
Choose empathy. Put on the shoes of the person you are talking to. You don’t have to agree to get along and to understand. 
As Sarah and Beth put it: Pull back from the temptation to assign a judgment to everything and instead walk alongside and ask questions.
Oh friends! Today is SUCH a good conversation.
This is barely scratching the surface of all the wise and practical advice that Sarah and Beth share in our conversation!
Make sure to tune in with an open heart today as we dive into the transformative power of hard conversation and also tackle:
  • How to engage your family with a spirit of curiosity instead of judgment
  • Ways to explore shared values within your community
  • The importance of understanding your work as a citizen in a diverse country
  • Why you should hold lightly those things that are beyond your control around the world
  • How generational experiences and perception of events shape our worldviews

If you long to be a peacemaker and a positive influence in your spheres, then today’s episode is your door to a future that is characterized by hope, love, and connection despite our differences!

Remember… conversation changes everything! I can’t wait to hear how today’s conversation changes you!

Until next time, friends!

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