EP. 144: It’s Launch Day – Slow Growth Equals Strong Roots Is Here!

At last! “Slow Growth Equals Strong Roots: Finding Grace, Freedom, and Purpose in an Overachieving World” is officially out in the world for YOU to read!
As much as this book is a love letter to the girl after the trailer, it is just as much a book for YOU!
To the woman who is always performing – this book is for you.
To one who feels like she must always be on – this book is for you. 
To the woman who is at last, exhausted – this book is for you.
Friends, I’ve done the field research for us. Trying to achieve your way into worth, doesn’t work. You can’t work enough, hustle enough, or perform enough.
You WILL burnout.
So, today is YOUR day to try a different way!
In “Slow Growth” I introduce you to the five different versions of the woman, always performing: The Performer, The Contortionist, The Tightrope Walker, The Masquerader, and The Illusionist in the Distance. ALL with the goal of showing you how to move from achieving, striving, and performing for your worth to the grace, freedom, and purpose that come from knowing your identity and calling are determined by God.
Before we go on, let me be clear…if you’re worried that you’re going to buy this book and I’m going to tell you to stop achieving or stop being who you are “hardwired” to be – to get rid of this natural ambition and drive that you have – let me stop you right there
You do not have to worry about that!
In fact, I FULLY intend to continue to achieve beautiful things in my life and to set goals and go after them.
The difference going forward?

I am not going to rise and fall and be crushed by my goals when they don’t work out. In other words, I am going to detach myself from the outcome and I hope that you will too.

Here’s the secret – I’ve learned that the outcome isn’t even up to me. It’s up to God. And! No matter how hard we try and hustle – it doesn’t change just how much God loves us!
We can completely fall on our face, not be the girl who always comes through – and, even that doesn’t change how much God loves us. His love is constant and our worth is not defined by anything we do or don’t do. 
Instead, our worth is securely and solely found in Him.
(Praise the Lord for that!)
The truth is, we only have a certain amount of years on this side of Heaven. And honestly, a part of me looks back with this grief of the 10 years, the 15 years, the 20 years that came before trying to chase something down. Trying to achieve my way into worth.
But! Today I am ready to mourn that time and learn from it so that I’m not mourning the next 10 or 20 years to come. I will no longer be in a race with myself or anyone else for that matter.
Will you join me in this effort to throw the race out all together?!
Today is a day of celebration, and for once I am so ready to SAVOR it! And! I’m so glad that you are here to join me because today’s episode is a special one! My dear friend, Jennifer Dukes Lee is here and we are turning the tables! That’s right – it’s my turn to be the guest on my own show while Jennifer interviews me!
So, what can you expect today? A behind the scenes look of all things “Slow Growth Equals Strong Roots” as we dive deep into the heartbeat mantra and tackle:
  • Why giving up achieving for you worth actually frees you up to go after even bigger goals
  • Why “I’ll be happy when ______” is a death sentence to living a life with purpose
  • The importance of implementing a habit of celebration on the way to the goals we set
  • Why we have to part ways with the stories that previously helped us to survive
  • How the Girl in the Red Cape can make peace with the Wolf
So friends, if you are ready to stop running, realize that you are not in a race with anyone, and truly believe that good things take time – real things take time, and that Slow Growth Equals Strong Roots, then make sure to tune in to today’s episode and be sure to grab a copy of Slow Growth Equals Strong Roots here!
And! Don’t forget to find out your Achieve Type by taking my quiz! Each one of us has an Achiever Type, and it determines so much about the way we go after goals, WHY we go after them, and what keeps us stuck. Knowing our type allows us to understand what motivates us, gain insight and get ahead of what trips us up, and move forward with purpose to the work we’re being called to do. Take the quiz here!
Thank you from the bottom of my heart for joining me on this Slow Growth journey. It is my sincere prayer that you too will find the freedom and purpose that come from knowing your identity and calling are determined by God.
And, when you do, tag me! I can’t wait to hear all about it!

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