EP. 149: The Case for Planting Deep Roots with Daniel Grothe

Admittedly, this is not something that I am a fan of when thinking about my exercise routine (I am more of a Peloton girl, myself). 
BUT looking back at my life, I have participated in my fair share of marathons- just not the traditional kind. I am talking about the kind where you run away from something while simultaneously sprinting towards something else – namely, achievement.  
So no, while this type of running is not going to get me a 13.1 or 26.2 sticker on the back of my car, it certainly has given me a ton of perspective from lessons learned the hard way.
Lessons that truly hit home in my conversation with today’s guest – Daniel Grothe. 
So what about you? Do you find yourself running from something today? Attempting to run towards something?
(If so, you are not the only one with that proverbial runner’s number safety pinned to your shirt.)
Friends, it is SO easy to live in a state of ‘flight mode’ in today’s age. 
We live in a digital, virtual, “FOMO,” “YOLO” world where constant distractions have contributed to a skewed view of stability. One that views stability as a place of entrapment. Or even, an impediment keeping us from personal fulfillment instead of seeing it for what it truly is…
An invitation to deepen our commitment to the people and the place where we have been planted—a deepening of roots that will bear much fruit.
(I love that explanation from Daniel. What a mindset shift!)

Rather than eyeing the greener grass on the other side of the fence, or longing for a change of scenery – a new job, a new city, even new friends…

WHAT IF we changed our thought processes and embraced Daniel’s counter cultural mindset that:

The most significant thing you can do is stay in a place – stay for the long haul, stay and give your life away for the good of these people in this place.

(Kind of a mic drop question, isn’t it?!)
One of my absolute favorite parts from our conversation is Daniel’s story about his 90 year-old grandma Weezy! Grandma Weezy’s story truly speaks to the impact of planting strong roots. (Make sure you turn up your volume for that part because you are sure to fall in love with her story!)
If you’ve ever felt like you don’t belong where you are, this episode is for you!
If you’ve ever felt like all your problems would be solved if you just packed your bags and moved across the country, this episode is for you!
If you’ve ever felt that you can’t make an impact where you are, then yes -this episode is for you!
Why? Because Daniel offers three things that ‘place’ does for us: 
  1. It  gives us security
  2. It gives us identity
  3. It gives us mastery
Make sure to tune in as Daniel dives into what this means, and what you can do TODAY if you feel you don’t have that ‘place’ as we also cover:
  • The countercultural case for ‘staying put’
  • Why obedience is always practiced in particular
  • How a rich life has nothing to do with financial capital
  • What it means to live in holy rhythms
Friend, if you are after that traditional 26.2 bumper sticker, I will cheer you on all the way! 
But! Before you run a marathon of running away, of escape, of chasing – make sure to take a listen to today’s powerful episode! 
I sure hope that you will join me in choosing stability in this rootless age! I am confident you have so much impact to make! 
Until next time!

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