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Here they are: The 7 Goals Every Creative Business Owner Needs to Set in 2020  1. Commit to finding an accountant who specializes in small business. This is a good goal for any year, but this year especially! There are a lot of changes coming to the tax code this year that specifically affect small businesses, […]

The 7 Goals Every Creative Business Owner Needs to Set in 2020

How do you hold onto faith when faith itself seems lost? Does the presence of pain cause you to question the presence of God? If you have ever wrestled these questions, this emotional and powerful episode is here to remind you of the truth that even in your hardest days, you are not alone. In […]

Relentless: Finding God Even When He Feels (Radio) Silent with Michele Cushatt

Do you find yourself seeking approval from things around you? Things like social media and words of affirmation?  If you long to break down this facade of perfection and show up each day as the real and honest you, you are in for a treat with this extra fun, extra special episode! In today’s episode, […]

Let’s Get Real: How to Resist the Pressure to Blend In with Natasha Bure

How are you responding to the current pandemic? Do you know how to reach out to others with love, empathy, and understanding during this unprecedented time? If you’ve ever wondered why each of us respond to the same situation in very different ways – specifically our response in times of crisis – this episode is […]

Understanding Each Other: How the 9 Enneagram Types Respond Differently to Crisis with Beth McCord

Does ‘flourishing’ in life seem impossible right now? A word that would only be used to describe someone else? Whether life is throwing you curveballs leaving you overwhelmed, or you find yourself walking through your most challenging days, this episode is here to uplift and encourage you that a vibrant life is in fact within […]

The Fight to Flourish: How the Struggle Makes Us Stronger with Jennie Lusko

Are you caught up in life’s busyness and feel stuck in a rut? Have you ever wondered if it’s even possible to find time to start on a dream when you already feel so overwhelmed by your circumstances? If you want to do more of what makes you come alive in your actual life, then […]

Your Blue Flame: How to Tap into What Makes You Come Alive with Jen Fulwiler

Are you wondering where God is right now? Do you feel as if your faith is being tested by your circumstances? If you find yourself struggling to trust the Lord in the midst of grief and pain, this episode is here to remind you that God WILL redeem your story. In this episode, Mary and […]

I Still Believe: Trusting God to Redeem Your Story with Jeremy and Adrienne Camp

Do you long to live a simpler – yet fuller – life? In the midst of these uncertain times, are you struggling to find peace and clarity? If these questions ring true, this episode is here to guide you in uncomplicating your life by putting Jesus in His rightful place- over everything. In this episode, […]

Jesus Over Everything: How to Stop Complicating and Start Simplifying with Lisa Whittle

Are you a natural people-pleaser, but in all of that ‘pleasing’ you now feel sidelined in your own life? Do you feel like you have to present a certain version of yourself to the world and your online community – a version that may be different than who you know yourself to be at the […]

Real > Pretend: How to Live Fierce, Free and Full of Fire with Jen Hatmaker

Are you wondering how you can possibly live as a confident woman of faith in this time of uncertainty? Listen in to this episode to find the strength that your heart is longing for to move forward in the midst of the storm. In this episode, Mary hosts New York Times best-selling author of such […]

How to Rise STRONG in Times of Uncertainty with Lisa Bevere

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