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EP. 164: How to “Do Less, BETTER” with Jen Olmstead

Are you tired of trying to keep up with the never-ending cycle of content creation? Do you wish you had the freedom to focus on creating more of what you love and building an authentic business?

When it comes to communicating and promoting the value of what you offer, it can be downright overwhelming:

  • Post daily to feed the algorithm. 

  • Curate a dozen reels with trending audio to boost your visibility. 

  • Master the newest dance to scatter in your stories throughout the day. 

Sound familiar? 


“The narrative we are fed is the way to more is…more. And that diversifying and multiplying our output is essential to connecting us with our audience.”

Well, can I be here to tell you that’s not true? Like I always say… “There is no amount of MORE that can ever make you stop feeling LESS than. That work has always been an inside job.” Can I get an amen?!


Today’s guest is none other than my marketing hero and design crush, Jen Olmstead. And she’s here to give us a MASTERCLASS on all things effective and efficient marketing.


Jen is the co-founder and lead designer of TONIC Site Shop, a template shop for the modern entrepreneur. You might have seen her work for clients like Jenna Kutcher, Chris Loves Julia, Jillian Harris, Bossbabe, Create Cultivate, Wit and Delight, and of course, Mary Marantz. 😉 


Today’s episode is jam packed with time tested wisdom and insight that you will want to implement immediately. So grab a journal and your favorite pen and join Jen and I as we share what I am lovingly calling:


5 Mini Masterclasses for 2023. 

  1. Do Less Better: The One Thing Jen Started Doing That Changed Her Average Like Count from A Couple Hundred to 10,000

  2. Stop Telling People You Like Coffee: Stop Doing THIS When Writing Your Bio and Start Doing THIS

  3. Tell People What To Do: Specific Wording Swaps for Higher Conversions

  4. Market With Confidence: If You’re Marketing Isn’t Working, You Might Be Doing THIS

  5. Identify Your Low Hanging Fruit: Sometimes You’re Overlooking The ‘Easy’ Thing and Leaving Revenue on the Table


Mary’s new book, slow growth equals strong Roots is HERE! Click HERE to Order your copy today!

If you, like me, are longing for a way to optimize your marketing without sacrificing your sanity, today’s conversation is exactly what you need to hear.


When Jen was at the crossroads of burnout from creating the filler content she felt she had to and still wasn’t seeing the needle move in her audience, she knew something had to change. 


Here’s what she had to say about that:

“It was my first experience of: ‘Wait a second, if you don’t want to do that thing, find a way that you are going to enjoy it.’ So, I stopped sending out the newsletter I thought I was supposed to and started writing emails I would have actually wanted to read myself.”


We’ve been taught that all the tips and tricks are there to promote our growth when in actuality all they do is promote the growth of the platform we are sharing to. So, Jen and her team stopped playing the game. In a land of disposable content they didn’t want to keep filling the space but rather contributing value to it. 


What she would uncover next was a fascinating journey of trial and error as she began to let go of what she felt like she “should” do and began being led instead by what she loved.


And this is where the 5 Mini Masterclass was born.

Tune to hear Jen bring down the house with marketing principles she has lived and learned from including, 

  • The art of noticing

  • How your dream can become someone else’s

  • The time she peeled an orange for a fully capable adult

  • Why embracing your diverse talents is your superpower

  • The shadow of the fear of rejection


Let’s stop diverting our precious creative energy from what we really love to attempting to meet those elusive marketing “supposed to’s”. 


Jen is a powerhouse pioneer and a deep well of creative innovation, but most importantly, she is living proof that in a world calling us to more production, we can not only survive but thrive by choosing to contribute more of ourselves. 

May this episode be your reminder: 

“What everyone needs more of is not generic content, it’s more of you! “


I can’t wait for you to take a listen! And if you are looking to give up comparing, performing, and achieving for your worth, I think you’ll LOVE my new book Slow Growth Equals Strong Roots! Available now everywhere books are sold! And while you’re at it, take our Achiever Quiz to see which of the 5 Achiever Types you are….

More From This Episode: 

More about Jen: When she’s not designing, Jen splits her time cooking, homeschooling, trying to make Instagram fun again, and writing TONIC’s famous #longandweird newsletter, where she tells stories and nerds out about great marketing.

Connect with Jen on Instagram and be sure to check out Tonic Site Shop if you are in need of a luxe new website (they are the only ones I use!) Use the code “MARYSENTME” to get 15% off your order!

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Let's find out!



Let's find out!


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