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Have you ever had a dream or idea that others just couldn’t catch the vision behind or understand? This can certainly feel isolating and confusing! Especially when you KNOW that you KNOW this dream is yours to run after.

EP. 128: Learning to Love Who God Made You to Be with Lauren Alaina

Have you ever felt a dream deposited into your heart that you KNOW God hand made and presented to you – but you aren’t seeing even an ounce of that dream come to fruition? 

EP. 127: What To Do When God’s Promises Feel Out of Reach with Yvonne Orji

There’s nothing more frustrating than KNOWING you have an impactful message to share – but then feeling as if your words fall flat or don’t connect once you put them out into the world.

If you’ve ever felt that the world wants something different than what you have to offer, today’s episode is for you.

EP. 126: How to Find Your Voice & Run Your Business with Ashlyn Carter


Have you found it difficult to engage with others because staying true to your convictions feels like it comes at too high of a cost? If you DREAD talking to close ones because of unmanageable political divides, you’re certainly not alone this year. Using Scripture as her foundation, today’s guest on the Mary Marantz Show, Ashley Abercrombie, is speaking on how to resolve the conflicts you’ve been avoiding – even when it feels impossible.

EP. 125: 4 Steps to Resolve Conflicts with Ashley Abercrombie


Do you long for tranquility inside your home? Perhaps you want to create a cozy space for the upcoming holiday season, but find yourself overwhelmed at the thought. If you can relate, then you are going to love today’s episode!

EP. 124: How to Choose Cozy Not Perfection with Liz Marie Galvan


If you’ve ever wondered how you can tangibly become a better leader to influence the world for the better, whether you’re in a leadership position or not – well, you’re in the right place. In today’s episode of the Mary Marantz Show, Mary is bringing on founder and CEO of Growing Leaders, and author of the new book, 8 Paradoxes of Great Leadership, Dr Tim Elmore.

EP. 123: 8 Paradoxes Of Great Leadership with Dr. Tim Elmore


Have you ever wanted life to be a little less, well, complicated and heavy? The guest on the Mary Marantz Show today is telling us how to do just that. Taylor Tippett, known as the flight attendant who leaves encouraging notes on passenger windows, shares how we can find encouragement and meaning amid the heaviness of this world.

EP. 122: The Everyday Magic of Kindness with Taylor Tippett


Ever feel like the weight of the world falls squarely on your shoulders, but your life is too ordinary to actually make a difference? If so, you’re not alone – especially over the last couple of years with the collective pain our society has been experiencing. But the good news? God isn’t calling us to the perfect step, He’s just calling us to the next step.

EP. 121: Why You Don’t Need to Do Something Big to be Important With Hosanna Wong


Have the last few months somehow turned into years – and you’re left feeling like you’re floating aimlessly? This ongoing lack of focus and defaulting into decisions can leave us feeling purposeless.

EP. 120: Surprising 5 Minute Fix to Change Your Thoughts & Change Your Life


If you have a story you feel called to start sharing, but you don’t know where to start…. start HERE. These are 5 prompts to get you thinking about your story in a different way this week.

5 Writing Prompts to Start Sharing Your Muddy Story

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