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Most stories are about climbing a mountain, getting to the top, showing how good you are. This story is about God coming down from the mountain and telling you that you don’t have anything to prove. That chip on your shoulder, He came to take that away…

EP. 181: Nothing to Prove w/ Duck Dynasty’s Willie + Korie Robertson

When we do life’s journey without Jesus, we will always find ourselves restless. We will hope in vain that once we get over the next hill, beyond the horizon, or reach the peak we’ll feel satisfied. But it never comes. Apart from Jesus… it can’t…

EP. 178: What to Do When the Journey Gets Hard with Ruth Chou Simons

Have you ever felt unseen, unwanted or unworthy? There is a way to know who you REALLY are, and live like it every single day. It’s shockingly practical, down-to-earth, and tangible…

EP. 177: Why You Are More Than You’ve Been Told with Hosanna Wong

Sometimes our frustration is what points us to the issue God is asking us to address. He doesn’t invite you to the wrestle because He is mean or you are bad. It’s so He can show you things you can’t see any other way…

EP. 176: Tired of Trying (Hold on When It’s Hard) with Ashley Morgan Jackson

“What I mean by loneliness is this: the feeling of being a person who used to have friends.” Justin Whitmel Earley dropped that one-liner in our interview and I instantly knew… this was a MUST listen episode for all of us!

EP. 175: Why Loneliness is Killing Us with Justin Whitmel Earley

How often are you more AFRAID of what people will think… than that you might go the rest of your life without ever getting started? The truth is, all of us worry about what people think (it’s hardwired in us). But the…

EP. 174: How to Stop Fearing What Other People Think with Natalie Franke

Do you feel like God has gone radio silent in your life? Do you ever struggle to know if that calling is God’s voice or your own wishful thinking?

EP. 173: How to Hear God’s Voice in Your Life with Brittany Bruce

Do you ever feel like despite all your hard work you are still struggling to make ends meet? Are you stuck in the land of just enough wishing you could find a way out of the cycle of living paycheck to paycheck? Money mindset…

EP. 171: The 3 Limiting Money Beliefs to Let Go Of Now with Chelsey & Stephen

In the presence of deep loss, today’s guest felt exactly the same way. Amidst the tension of the God she knew and the reality she was living, the only way she believed she could make sense of the pain was by wrestling her way to answers…

EP. 170: How Heartbreak Can Deepen Our Trust with Mattie Jackson

What do we do with a reality that doesn’t feel real? How do we keep moving forward when it feels like nothing is left? At the point of absolute destruction there are more questions than answers and my guest today…

EP. 169: 4 Things You Need to Know When It All Goes Wrong with Jillian Benfield


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