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Are you trying to navigate singleness in this crazy dating world of modern times? Are you finding your experiences to be frustrating, infuriating, or about as clear as mud?

EP. 108: How to Find Love Without Losing Yourself with Mandy Hale


Are you okay? As in, really okay? Or, do you go about your everyday responsibilities putting on a brave face for yourself and those around you, just pretending to be okay? If you can relate to the weight of wearing this mask, when deep down you are struggling, then this episode is for you!

EP. 107: How To Get REAL About The Hard Stuff With Debra Fileta

Have you ever hated the mirror? Perhaps you’ve felt uncomfortable in your own skin, or complained about the body God’s given you. If you can relate, then today’s episode is a must-listen!

EP. 106: Loving What God Called Good With Jess Connolly

Do I really rely on the power of God or am I trying to do life in my own strength?” “How can I experience more of His presence?” “Why do I keep struggling with things I’ve been set free from?” If you have ever asked yourself these questions, then today’s episode is for you!

EP. 105: The Power of ‘Spirit-Help’ Over ‘Self-Help With Jeannie Cunnion

Are you hurting, seemingly lost, or feeling broken? Perhaps you long for the hope that an opportunity to start over provides. If you can relate, then today’s episode is going to speak straight to your heart as you learn to discover opportunity even when circumstances and endings are hard and uncertain!

EP. 104: Why You Should Leave Your Comfort Zone TODAY with Zim Flores

Do you find yourself longing for worthiness? Perhaps at the end of the day you just wish you could find contentment, not really sure if you are living life or letting life happen to you. If you can relate, this episode is for you!

EP. 103: How to Stop Treating Busy as a Badge of Honor With Emily Lex

Would you like to live a life free of financial stress? Perhaps the idea of transforming your relationship with money seems impossible. If you are looking for a proven, non-restrictive method to achieving your financial goals, you will not want to miss today’s powerful episode!

EP. 102: Why Scarcity Can Actually Be a GOOD Thing w/ Jesse Mecham

Do you long to take a break from the fast pace of life, but are afraid of what you’ll miss if you do? Perhaps you find yourself going big and hustling hard only to be left feeling stressed and empty. If you can relate, today’s episode is for you!

EP. 101: How to Un-Hurry Your Heart With Jennifer Dukes Lee

Do you find yourself white knuckling every situation around you? Desperately seeking control rather than surrender? Perhaps you even find yourself turning to all the wrong things in an effort to feel like you are in charge. If you can relate, then this episode is for you!

EP. 100: How to Live a Life of Surrender With Holly Hayes

Does it seem impossible to both win at work and succeed at life? Perhaps you feel that your career wins can only come at the cost of your health, relationships, and personal well-being. If you can relate, this episode is a must-listen!

EP. 099: 5 Principles To Win At Work & Succeed At Life W/ Megan Hyatt Miller

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