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EP. 177: Why You Are More Than You’ve Been Told with Hosanna Wong

Are you weighed down, exhausted, and overwhelmed by your daily life?


Do you feel disconnected from yourself and God?


We never mean to get to this place because the truth is, what we are doing is important. The roles and responsibilities we take on are pivotal to our livelihood and in fact, are what we have been called to steward to impact this world. 


“But slowly over time, the days begin to blur together and we find ourselves in a rinse and repeat cycle of life.”

Amongst it all, there is the person of confidence and clarity we hope to be…

…..and there is the girl in the mirror. 


Daily she carries the experiences of our past, the narrative of our present, and the longings of our future and whether we want to acknowledge it or not, she is vying for our attention. 


Left unchecked, the constant doing and performing become an unending cycle of pouring ourselves out for the affirmation of others, the benchmark of success by society, or the expectations we have of ourselves all in hopes of finally silencing the nagging sense of what we fear most:

Being unworthy, unseen, or unwanted. 


To stop and give in would mean losing ground on the painstaking proof we have built up against those fears being true, rendering us defenseless against the labels that still haunt us. But according to today’s guest, our identity was never ours to define. 


During a season of loss, Hosanna felt stuck. The things that she had built her life on that she believed would last suddenly were crumbling down. And though she wasn’t at rock bottom, she did not feel like herself. Deep within she knew there was more that was eluding her, but it seemed impossible to pinpoint her discontentment when she didn’t even know who she was anymore. 


She is an overcomer, a gifted voice, and a humble guide on the path of what it means to walk in our God-given identity and that is why I am so honored to be joined once again by my friend Hosanna Wong on today’s episode of The Mary Marantz Show.


Hosanna Wong is an international speaker, best-selling author and spoken word artist helping everyday people know Jesus for real. Widely known for her spoken word piece, “I Have A New Name,” Hosanna shares in churches, conferences, prisons, and other events around the world, reaching across various denominations, backgrounds and cultures.


Born and raised in an urban ministry on the streets of San Francisco, Hosanna later packed her life into suitcases and traveled to churches and other ministries throughout the United States to share about Jesus through spoken word poetry. During those years without a permanent home, she began speaking and creating resources to serve the local and global Church. 


Hosanna currently travels and speaks year-round, and serves on teaching teams at churches throughout the United States. Hosanna is the best-selling author of How (Not) to Save the World. Her new book, You Are More Than You’ve Been Told is available now!



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The hard truth was this was not the first time Hosanna had experienced an identity crisis. She had come to recognize the negative ways she had sought lesser things to give her worth in her past. But now, with a marriage and life she loved, she found herself clinging too tightly to what she had been entrusted.


“It was good things that had become God things. I was finding my identity in a lot of good things that I could not stop because otherwise I would lose who I am and I would lose my sense of worth. And it became a line-in-the-sand moment for me because I was doing the things God was calling me to do but not in the way he had called me to do them. ” 


As the pressure grew to continue to excel, remnants of her past began resurfacing and the same lies began echoing through her mind again. Regardless of the work she had already done to reconcile her identity, she knew she had to revisit the root of her pain if she was going to reset the rhythms of her life. 


It all led her to a hard realization:

“Because I grew up hearing that others believed that my family was wrong and different, I believed I was wrong and different…


“Therefore, it was then that I believed the lie that I was unworthy of love without doing something. I quickly learned that I had to do more, change myself, and work harder to be loved, for someone to stay with me and for me to have value.”


Through a brutally honest conversation with close friends and a renewed sense of focus, Hosanna decided she would not let the enemy keep her down any longer. TODAY was the day she would get up and fight.


If you feel stuck in your patterns of thinking or defined by what you offer versus who you are, this episode is for you!


Join Hosanna and me as we discuss what reconciling her story taught her about herself and why we can only be defined by the One who created us.


Tune in to hear:

  • What we can learn from David’s journey to fight Goliath

  • The four rhythms we need to sustain our daily lives

  • Why the fight for our lives begins with our schedules


As Hosanna shares, an identity crisis is never something we would intentionally seek out but there is complete intention in us reaching the end of ourselves. You are not crazy in feeling lost or confused. You have just been told lies your whole life and now is the time to recover what is actually true. 


Today is the day you stop seeing yourself through the broken lens of others and through the eye of your Creator.


May this episode be your reminder: 

“Friend, you are more than you’ve been told.”


I can’t wait for you to take a listen! And if you are looking to give up comparing, performing, and achieving for your worth, I think you’ll LOVE my new book Slow Growth Equals Strong Roots! Available now everywhere books are sold! And while you’re at it, take our Achiever Quiz to see which of the 5 Achiever Types you are….


Let's find out!



Let's find out!


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