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EP. 171: The 3 Limiting Money Beliefs to Let Go Of Now with Chelsey & Stephen

Do you ever feel like despite all your hard work you are still struggling to make ends meet? 


Are you stuck in the land of just enough wishing you could find a way out of the cycle of living paycheck to paycheck? 


Financial freedom can often feel like the gateway to the life we dream of and the lack of it, the gatekeeper holding us back from what we long for. But, beyond money being the means by which we can live our lives, it is also highly personal. 


“There are few more powerful ways to get a picture of someone’s soul than through the lens of money.”

So much of how we think and interact with it is directly related to the fears and experiences we have had of it from an early age. Maybe, like me, you observed that to have something worthwhile meant it had to be struggled for or, perhaps you felt the longing to be included as you wore the hand-me-downs alongside your classmates with the trendy clothes. 


If we are honest, the resource itself doesn’t drive our decision-making as much as the feeling tied to it does.  It can be a motivator and a master but what if it could be a tool for freedom not only in our lives but the lives of those around us? 


This question is what fueled today’s guests to push the boundaries on what they thought was possible in their lives and now is the hope they have to offer others as they share their story of God’s provision. That is why I am thrilled to be joined by my dear friends, Stephen and Chelsey Diaz on today’s episode of The Mary Marantz Show. 


Stephen and Chelsey are photographers, podcasters, coaches, entrepreneurs and the founding partnership behind The Rainmaker Family, a movement of Moms on mission to secure their families financial future. Focused on e-commerce and digital products, they coach families through how to create their own brands, manage manufacturing, and then leverage one of the #1 largest opportunities to sell products online, Amazon FBA. They are passionate about encouraging and empowering two key things through their work, family and finances. Because they believe that deeper connections and financial freedom can enable others to step more into their why and ultimately build a successful business that doesn’t have to be at the cost of their  family.




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If I don’t provide for myself no one will come and rescue me. 


I am the provider and I have to hustle for what I have.


It took years for Chelsey and Stephen to realize that these two beliefs were the initial fuel behind their entrepreneurial drive. And for a while it worked, as their hard work translated into scaled growth and success. They had accomplished the thing and made their vision a reality and yet the pressure and weight of it all began bearing down on them. 


As Stephen put it…


“During that season, I saw this vision of me with super strong arms holding up something but with really weak legs and it was God’s way of challenging me in the fact that I was trying to be the provider. I thought I was being strong, but it was built on a weak foundation- my own provision. He was speaking to me and saying, ‘The reason you are stressed, the reason you are overworked and overwhelmed is because you are trying to step into something I am going to do for you. I alone am your provider.’”


Like so many of us, what they could do slowly shifted into the belief that they must be the ones to accomplish it. And rather than living into the possibilities in front of them, they were stuck repeating and reacting to the ruts of beliefs that had formed over time. 


What Chelsey and Stephen would experience next, was a string of events that would work to dismantle the limiting beliefs in their lives and open them to the limitless economy of the Kingdom. 


Join Stephen, Chelsey and I as we discuss strategies we can use to flip the narrative money has over our lives and the three limiting beliefs to let go of today.


Tune in to hear:

  • How to shift your perspective from scarcity to abundance

  • The importance of identifying the ‘why’ beneath your financial goals

  • How moving from “I Can’t” to “How Can I?” changes everything
  • Why desperation is the enemy of creation

  • Your next action plan to change your money mindset forever


This episode is challenging and thought provoking but as Stephen shares, the truth is in the tension. It is in our willingness to be honest about where we are and where we hope to be that we can name what is actually holding us back, ourselves. 


May this episode be your reminder: 

“If the words you speak become your thoughts become your beliefs become your actions become your future… what do you want to say next?”



I can’t wait for you to take a listen! And if you are looking to give up comparing, performing, and achieving for your worth, I think you’ll LOVE my new book Slow Growth Equals Strong Roots! Available now everywhere books are sold! And while you’re at it, take our Achiever Quiz to see which of the 5 Achiever Types you are….


Let's find out!



Let's find out!


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