EP. 086: 4 Easy Strategies To Finding A Mentor With Kelsey Chapman

Friends, did you know that we are living in a time where the world is the most “connected” it’s ever been? 


Yet…on a personal level many people report that this is the loneliest they have ever felt. 

Intriguing, right? So what’s going on here. Because we are NOT meant to do life alone.

Let me ask you a question. Would you rather:

  1. Think about your dreams and daydream about the potential for your life? Or…

  2. Link arms with women eager to invest in your future? 

If you answered B, but think it’s too good to be true – then keep reading! 


I had a conversation with Kelsey Chapman, author + podcaster, and she let me in on the one secret that you need to look for when you are searching for your ‘home team’:


Take off the expectation of who will invest in you.

It doesn’t have to be the CEO. Or the pastor’s wife. Or the person that is 5-years of ahead of you. 


Look for women that are ALREADY noticing you. Notice those who notice you!! Because the one thing you should be looking for in a mentor:




Not someone with a big Instagram following.

No, not the blue check mark of ‘approval.’

It’s the willingness to INVEST into you + your dream. 

Willingness is what makes a mentor great! 


It’s simple. And that difficult all at once.


Slow down right now – and look around you to see who you have around you that is WILLING to invest in you – because they BELIEVE in you. Seriously, stop and think about it RIGHT NOW.


If that makes you a little uncomfortable thinking about that – let me ask you this:


Do you have any feelings of fear, stubbornness, or pride popping up?

What if someone says no?

Phew – I know this is something I’ve personally struggled with when asking for help. I mean, can’t I just do all the things on my own? I can totally do it all (I say as I hold back sobs of overwhelm. You too? Okay good.). And worse yet – WHAT IF SOMEONE SAYS NO. 

Well, if you’re ready to put the fear aside and gain some practical advice on how to find + ask someone to be a mentor, go ahead and tune into today’s podcast episode with Kelsey Chapman where we finish the rest of this conversation.

We dive into: 

  • Practical steps on how to even begin the conversation of reaching out to someone you look up to to ask about mentorship;
  • What to do if they say no;
  • Ways to have wisdom and discernment to know who would be a good mentor; and
  • How to take the first steps to becoming a mentor yourself if you feel led.

A very raw, honest conversation

Oh boy, is it a very raw, honest conversation between Kelsey and me today. We connected instantly over the feeling of being the “new kids” in the room, longing to have a seat at tables that are seemingly full. Of wanting to be seen and noticed. (Have you been there?)
Friends, I just know that you are going to walk away feeling as inspired and understood as I did.  

If you are ready to confidently step into and steward the fullness of your dreams, you will not want to miss today’s powerful episode!

I can’t wait for you to dive in!


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Connect with Kelsey on Instagram and be sure to snag her new book, ‘What They Taught Me: Recognizing The Mentors Who Will Take You From Dream To Done’ wherever books are sold.’

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