I Wrote A Book!: Real Talk On Stepping Away From the Noise and Doing Deep Work

Have you ever found yourself desiring to accomplish a meaningful and personal goal – but your time and mental energy seem divided from so many distractions?!

In this special episode, Mary is swapping roles and is the one answering the questions, rather than doing asking. Tune in as Mary invites on her podcast producer, Elizabeth Evans, to ask her all about her book writing process and the unexpected transformation she experienced. The two are diving into what Mary realized after stepping away from social media for 3 months, what to do when we face challenges in taking steps toward our calling, what her relationship with fear is like now, the difference in isolation and solitude, and what peace looks like coming out of one of the hardest, spiritual seasons of life. 

If you’re ready for a vulnerable conversation jam packed with motivation to continue in whatever your battle field currently looks like – this episode is for you. 

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