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If you have a story you feel called to start sharing, but you don’t know where to start…. start HERE. These are 5 prompts to get you thinking about your story in a different way this week.

5 Writing Prompts to Start Sharing Your Muddy Story

One of the hardest things about seeing your own progress is that by the time you get somewhere, you already have your eyes on another mountaintop.

It’s Time To Make Yourself Proud with Mary Marantz

Enough with the self-talk that says you should be moving faster than this, that you should be where someone else is.

You’re Not Weak: Thoughts On Breaking Generational Chains

Here they are: The 7 Goals Every Creative Business Owner Needs to Set in 2020  1. Commit to finding an accountant who specializes in small business. This is a good goal for any year, but this year especially! There are a lot of changes coming to the tax code this year that specifically affect small businesses, […]

The 7 Goals Every Creative Business Owner Needs to Set in 2020

It took me three HOURS to record my first thirty minute episode. Last year around this time, we were working hard to put out our brand new podcast, “The Mary Marantz Show”, as a lead up to my first book, Dirt, coming out this fall (September 15th to be precise!). There was a new brand […]

Feeling The Fear of Imposter Syndrome And Moving Forward

The world seems to reward this fleeting currency of fast.  Fast growth. Fast followers. Overnight “success.” But if you zoom out just a little and look at true success over the long haul- this building something that matters, building something that lasts, leaving a legacy that lasts beyond just you- it never happens overnight. It never […]

The Unstuck Challenge

How do I overcome the FEAR that it’s too late to chase a dream? How do I get out of being STUCK in perfectionism, worrying that people will judge me, and being caught up in comparison and self doubt? How do I stay motivated and stop procrastinating out of fear of failure, always feeling unprepared […]

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