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In the presence of deep loss, today’s guest felt exactly the same way. Amidst the tension of the God she knew and the reality she was living, the only way she believed she could make sense of the pain was by wrestling her way to answers…

EP. 170: How Heartbreak Can Deepen Our Trust with Mattie Jackson

What do we do with a reality that doesn’t feel real? How do we keep moving forward when it feels like nothing is left? At the point of absolute destruction there are more questions than answers and my guest today…

EP. 169: 4 Things You Need to Know When It All Goes Wrong with Jillian Benfield

Creativity is messy, vulnerable, time-consuming hard work. It takes effort and courage to open ourselves to an imperfect process, let alone have the patience to see it through…

But what if we stopped viewing it as a hobby and started treating it as a sacred practice?

EP. 168: Create Anyway- How to Stop Waiting on Perfect to Start w/ Ashlee Gadd

Ever feel like everything is falling apart all at once? But rather than tearing it down to the foundation and starting over, it feels safer to go on pretending like everything is ok? In today’s episode…

EP. 167: How to Stay Standing (When It’s All Falling Apart) with Alli Patterson

We reach a certain age, like a line in the sand, where we start to feel like all our best days are on one side. The one that’s behind us. Listen in as Dawn Barton shows us why we’re just getting started…

EP. 166: Why Your BEST Days Are Still Ahead of You with Dawn Barton

Do you ever feel like building and scaling a business is easier for everyone else? Does fear keep you stuck in what you know and within the boundaries of what only seems possible? Friend, let’s just take a moment to name…

EP. 165: The 5 Things Effective Leaders Do with Jessica Honegger & Liz Bohannon

Are you tired of trying to keep up with the never-ending cycle of content creation? Do you wish you had the freedom to focus on creating more of what you love and building an authentic business? Here’s How to Do Less… BETTER!

EP. 164: How to “Do Less, BETTER” with Jen Olmstead

Join Rebecca and I on today’s episode of The Mary Marantz Show as we discuss the three stages of being stuck, and some practical ways to move forward in faithfulness to what God is calling you to do.

EP. 163: Feeling Stuck? How to DO the Thing with Rebecca George

For many of us the pandemic ushered in the reckoning of friendships as the distance challenged the foundations of our relationships. And for others, in the absence of genuine personal connection, we…

EP. 162: The 10 Friends Every Woman Needs with Laura Tremaine

Oftentimes when we go through hard things, we are left in a cycle of shame. And that’s right where the enemy wants us. He wants us to feel so ashamed that we try not to feel anything. But if we don’t feel it, we don’t heal it…

EP. 157: Brave Enough to Be Broken with Toni Collier


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