The Book Dirt is Here!

My first book, Dirt, is officially here!

It has a real cover, and a release date (September 15th, 2020), a gorgeous new website that just went live, and as of last night, it is the #1 New Release on Amazon in my category!

YOU guys did that! And I am so, so thankful for you! You’re sharing it, you’re posting about it, and most of’re pre-ordering it!

Here’s the thing: Pre-orders are everything to a brand new book & especially a first time author. Here’s why…

Before I started writing a book, I was always the person who just ordered the book once it was actually out and I could have it shipped right to my door. But it turns out, for a new book and a new author, those earliest pre-orders can make ALL the difference in the sales reps at the publisher actually being able to get the book into stores like Target & Walmart so that it’s sitting on those shelves this fall when it comes out.

One of the things we’ve taught in our workshops for years is to tell your people how they can help you.

This is the hands-down, biggest way you can help me get Dirt out into the world:

Head over to the new Dirt website and pre-order your copy, today if possible! (then be sure to share on your Story and tag me)

Thank you for helping us get Dirt out there!

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